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Mirrors for children

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Mirrors for bedrooms suitable for princes and princesses

Kasa-Store mirrors for children suitable to reflect all their beauty

Kasa-Store children's mirrors add a touch of sweetness to the bedroom furniture . You can find mirrors with a modern design in our catalog, available in different shapes to choose the one that goes best with the furnishings of the bedroom . Mirrors in plexiglass , mirrors in the shape of little animals , mirror of my desires , romantic mirrors to satisfy all tastes

Design mirrors to furnish the bedroom

Mirrors of any shape and size that contribute to an elegant and playful decor . The mirrors that we offer are made of various materials such as wooden , metal and resin frames, all made by leading companies with non-toxic products for your little ones. They are also light and resistant, and are either free-standing or you can put them on the wall with special plugs and screws.

Mirror mirror on the wall

All children love to reflect in the mirror. That's exactly why we thought a nice tilting mirror could help your little ones dry out entirely until adolescence . From an early age they discover with all the expressions on their face, it will surprise you to see them kiss their reflection, while they are developing their fantasies. When they are older they will begin to dress up as a mask , or in the case of girls they will begin to wear make -up and will want to reflect in a large mirror , suitable for their needs. When they are older, they will also need other comforts such as carpets , dressing tables and spacious closets to store their clothes. In our collections, any mirror can be combined with all bedroom furniture , even in the Montessori mirror style