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Vases for interiors and decorations to enhance your spaces

Let's imagine them like this, overflowing with fragrant flowers or placed alone on your living room furniture like a real sculpture , these design accessories for the furniture will make your spaces more welcoming and well-finished. In the living area up to the bedroom or bathroom , the design vases release an elegance mixed with a personal style of furnishing, giving color and harmony . Their history is very ancient and you will all remember the very famous Pandora's box , which inspired everyone to furnish with these decorative accessories. There are many types of containers for your spaces but the vase in home decoration is very used for: flower holders or container vases. A handcrafted sculpture will be a piece of furniture suitable for all environments such as: kitchen , dining room or in your bedroom above the chest of drawers . Also indicated as an accessory for the table , and you can find them in our catalog in the form of a jug , decanter , carafe or bowl and then expand into outdoor spaces to furnish gazebos , swimming pools and candlelit restaurants .

A vase valued as a work of art

The main characteristics of this object are that it contains liquid materials such as: water or air fresheners and must be made of resistant and not very permeable materials, such as glass and ceramics . The most requested ones recall the terracotta vases famous since ancient times, which were modeled manually by skilled craftsmen in raw clay , assuming a lot of resistance once cooked. Over time, thanks to new technologies, other types of materials are proposed such as ceramic vases and porcelain vases or metal vases . Silver vases or even gold vases are purchased for luxurious environments , but if you are looking for a compromise, kasa-store also offers stone vases or marble vases, or plexiglass vases which are more suitable for those who love respect for nature. environment as they are made with recycled materials . So when we talk about vases we are not talking about accessories but vases handmade by craftsmen and considered unique works of art because they are made one at a time and are not printed vases. In our online catalogue, you will be able to find illuminated vases for your garden , in order to give you the possibility to create romantic environments in the moonlight . Kasa-store does not think only of a private audience, in fact you will be able to find a selection of products suitable for urban furniture such as concrete vases or stone planters , which are usually coordinated with outdoor seats and benches

A practical object with a thousand functions

The vase , since ancient Greece has been an element linked both for materials and for its shapes, to other peoples who have used it. The original shape of this object starts from a narrow base, with an enlarged belly and then ends with a narrower edge or upper lip. Often right in the center of the belly, motifs or drawings were engraved, which reflected a lived moment. From this shape the jug for wine or water was born or the amphora was born to transport greater quantities of liquids or solids. Their peculiarity, differently from the vase, was that of having side handles, to facilitate their transport due to the greater weight. Precisely the amphorae from the Greek ἀμϕορεύς, or to be carried on both sides, were made of terracotta to transport: wine , oil , fish , honey , and could also be used for storage and/or transport thanks to a terracotta lid. In the local Italian tradition there are the orcio , the giara or the capasone .

The decorative vase and some notions of its history

Ceramic vases, as already mentioned, were used for the transport of goods between near and distant countries. The materials used for the realization of them are above all: terracotta , porcelain , alabaster , or those used by nomadic populations such as leather, lighter and more compatible with personal transport. Finally, since ancient times they were also used as cinerary vases or funerary urns , containers currently used to contain the ashes of the deceased after cremation. The production of Italian ceramics , from the 15th century to the 17th century, influenced the birth of jugs or wedding trousseaus and the most famous are those of Faenza or Capodimonte while as regards the glass vases they are made of blown glass by master glassmakers in the glassworks of the center of the lagoon, and we all know the famous Murano glass vases

Vases for furniture which are the colours, materials and decorations recommended for a unique design

If you are looking for an indoor vase, you are in the right place. Today houses are getting smaller and smaller but nobody wants to miss out on complete furniture and decorations that manage to make them look like small luxury villas . Precisely for this reason, the attention to every detail of domestic and contract environments integrates furnishings and decor in environments devoid of light and color. Vases are considered indispensable products for finishing and coloring any room. Kasa-store offers you a wide choice with various types of finishes designed to give warmth to your rooms. If you have a modern environment you will need to put colored vases , or you can find vases in the most disparate shapes such as foot -shaped or shoe-shaped . They are not just containers for flowers and plants, designer vases are the winning key to furnishings, all created by the most famous designers, who work to choose: material, shape, surface, color and transparency. The support vases, to be placed on the ground or on a piece of furniture or shelves. Even the wall vases or hanging vases are used both for walls and as a table top, the installation of which allows you to create magical and very natural environments if overflowing with flowers. The glass or ceramic vases are the more classic ones in the transparent finish in the case of glass or terracotta in the case of ceramics, but you can find them with more contemporary finishes such as vases with colored lines or vases with designs just like the Tiffani glass vases or murrinati.

Exceptional works of art

Like sculptures, the marble vases are obtained from the famous Carrara marble , to then be shaped into sophisticated and very beautiful objects. Even these cannot simply be called vases but works of art because after being worked mechanically, skilled craftsmen model and refine their shapes to give them a more modern and contemporary look. Being handmade each piece is a unique work indeed referred to as works of art. While if we see plexiglass vases , they are less handcrafted motorcycles but their workmanship leads the product to be a sculptural work that you can admire its beauty by placing a beautiful bouquet of flowers in it. The vases can be simple decorations for the home but also works belonging to the limited edition category. An example of an iconic vase is the very famous Aalto vase designed by Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino inspired by the lakes of Finland , on the occasion of the competition that the Karhula-Iittala glassworks announced in 1936 for the International Exhibition in Paris.

From ornament to garden

If you have a green thumb , you can't give up decorating your outdoor area with designer vases. Planters for flowers and plants can be an architectural shrewdness to furnish gardens or outdoor terraces , but also green walls , just like Boeri's Bosco Verticale . In fact, outdoor vases and planters are still irreplaceable for creating a corner of greenery , at home or on your balcony. To create a green environment , the recipe is: fill the pot with soil and plant colored flowers, and in a moment you will have a relaxing corner that will smell of flowers and the countryside. Kasa-store can make your wishes come true by offering you: planters , hanging vases, tall vases , cachepots , box planters , balcony boxes , but also modern vases in plastic or plexiglass