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Welcome to our site whoever you are, we are happy you are here with us, whether you happen to be here by chance or because you wanted it, thanks for being there. We are Kasa-Store and we are happy to welcome you. Come in, sit comfortably, do as if you were at home: take a few minutes to get to know us, it won't take long! All you need now is a little imagination, a comfortable chair, the right light and a few minutes of free time to read a story that will make you understand who we are and why you are here today. We like to imagine your lives, who you are, what you do for a living, what is your routine, what is your favorite color, if you like hot coffee or prefer the mountains to the sea, what are your dreams in the drawer and with who you want to share. A little curious, a little dreamer, a little pragmatic: it is our vocation, that right mix of will and desire to imagine how to help someone build the house of their dreams and give them all the means to do it: reliability, speed. and quality, all in one click. So prepare your best dreams for your favorite home: ready to play with us? Street! First step: take an empty house, without even a piece of furniture, sparse and just finished building. Big, small, yours or rented, it doesn't matter, because now it's all about furnishing it!


So let's move on to the second step: imagine with us at Kasa-Store to fill it with everything you need, starting right from the basics: a bed, a table, a chair, a wardrobe, a kitchen cabinet, a bedside table, a desk. . Everything that revolves around daily use, without which you would not be able to lead a comfortable and comfortable life; all elements that together would make your space the house you are going to live in. Before thinking about everyday life, however, we must think that this house should therefore be filled with all this furniture and let's face it: the world of furniture is a real sea of ​​offers, it never ends! How many shops, shopping centers, antique dealers, second-hand, improvised sellers or exchanges between individuals exist to have everything immediately? Furniture that perhaps does not have quality, reliability, often low-quality pieces and that would last only the time to see them assembled and then fail all your expectations of resistance and durability over time? A self-respecting house must have the right balance between quality and price, a guarantee that what you go to buy is an object that will accompany you over time through all the most important phases of your life: a deed, the first rent, the first cohabitation, a wedding, the birth of a child, something unique to model and that adapts to your style and taste in terms of furniture. A house, yours, with a personality, like yours.


And then let's move on to the third step: think also how nice it would be to live this environment, the house you have always wanted with the person you love, in a living room full of cushions and carpets, long white curtains and hanging paintings, on the wall a clock marks the rhythm of the hours of your day to the sound of tic-tac. A bedroom, with a vintage chandelier, a comfortable and large bed that will pamper you every night and every day, wardrobes and bedside tables that contain your most precious things. A kitchen where you can already feel the aroma of hot coffee in the morning, a breakfast spread on the table, colorful snacks every afternoon, among the homework scattered in the small room and on the desk, books open on the bed, crayons on the floor and scribbles on the walls, the sound of footsteps around the house, little children crawling or running away between armchairs and chairs, hiding behind the curtains and filling the walls of your home with laughter and joy. A bathroom where there is never the right privacy, a large mirror that has seen your children grow year after year, tricks on the bathroom sink and cats that hide to sleep blissfully in the shower, corridors and bookcases overflowing with old books and then collections of comics, full hangers and photo frames that recall your life in frames, sown here and there among the shelves of the house.


Fourth step? We! We can fill every corner of your home with any object that translates your style into a living environment. We are born as the fastest way to get to your perfect idea of ​​home, canceling the queue on the highway, the queue in the shop, the negotiation gone up in smoke, low quality furniture, late deliveries, we are that free time that you allow yourself directly from the comfort of your armchair to the sound of the courier's bell with your favorite table, that sofa you've always wanted, that garden lounge that is perfect to accompany him to your husband's barbecue corner. We are Kasa-Store, a safe corner where everything finds its right place in your home. All these steps have led you here, in this e-commerce that is not just an online store: where you will find someone always ready to answer your questions, always active support, more certainties and less doubts, more help and less uncertainty. We give life to your dreams, we give substance to your ideas, we occupy the space in the house of your dreams. Not the usual furniture site, we are Kasa-Store!