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Bizzotto produces industrial furniture. Making furniture, furnishings, decorations and accessories that spark emotions, through meticulous product development that starts with involving our internal team and many external collaborators. Bizzotto pays particular attention to recognizing each of our partners the value of their contribution through the best working conditions and sustainability and an authentic design that is the signature of our style. The construction of the assortment is increasingly guided by the taste for design and a genuinely Italian style inspires the research and selection activity. All this without forgetting the value for money promised by the founder: a beautiful and original home for everyone!

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Bizzotto industrial furniture production

Products with attention to the smallest details suitable for stylish environments such as living rooms or accommodation facilities such as restaurants and hotels

The history of the company began thanks to Andrea Bizzotto who, with intuition and resourcefulness, started a wholesale business of local handicraft products in 1946, mainly wicker accessories and small rattan furniture, sold to shops scattered throughout the Veneto region. From that moment on, the business expanded steadily by addressing a more extensive market which already in the 1960s expanded to Northern and Central Italy. But it was in the 1970s that a pioneering search for other sources began, looking first at the Balkans and then at Eastern Europe. The Far East will soon become the natural landing place for identifying new products and for being able to expand the range of accessories and industrial furniture to be offered to its customers: in fact, the first purchases from the People's Republic of China date back to 1976, followed by Vietnam, Indonesia , the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries in the area. Andrea Bizzotto SpA is among the first in Italy to believe in and spread the taste for outdoor furniture: experiencing the garden taking care of every detail like the interior spaces of the house. This is how outdoor furniture and accessories become an important part of the assortment, distinguishing Bizzotto 's offer as unique on the national scene. In 2000 Andrea Bizzotto SpA rethinks its brand identity and, thanks to the experience gained over the years, understands the need to go beyond individual products to define a broader concept of the home that reflects the company's philosophy and DNA

Bizzotto vintage furniture made with precious materials

The industrial style referenced from the 1920s to the 1960s, and it's anything but old-fashioned. Appreciated for its original and elegant design, it adds a strong character to your interior . Its warm and welcoming design will transform your spaces into well-kept and design-rich environments, but above all don't forget that details make the difference! Art Deco inspired Bizzotto to create his creations using materials such as: solid wood , velvet , wicker and brass , to create a truly retro atmosphere. Looking for a shabby chic touch? Pale colors and handmade decorations can furnish with a softer and more delicate taste

Bizzotto industrial furniture

When it is said that furniture with character dominates the scene. Between leather , velvet and furniture with flared legs , the interiors mix with eras and materials. Which one to choose? In our catalog you will find a vast selection of fixed tables, extendable tables , chairs , armchairs , poufs , table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps , to then end up with decorations such as mirrors , bookcases and coat hangers . So thanks to the wide range we can recommend Giliola armchair, Charleston armchair, Star table , Dakota sofa and all the bar counters such as: Jupiter , Moto bar, Vespa bar and then combine them with Vintage stools such as: Drake , Addy , Cycle ,

Bizzotto style and use

Interior designers are very inspired by these types of products because they give life to your interior by creating an atmosphere that speaks of vintage and industrial design, which derives from a purely artisanal workforce. Today we see these types of products more and more often and they are used to furnish homes , hotels , farmhouses and other environments that require products made by skilled carpenters