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  • Wagon bunk bed by Mathy by Bols with desk and shelf


    Wagon bunk bed by Mathy by Bols, 2 storage drawers, 1 desk + 1 external shelf; 2 shelves inside with storage box. Made of lacquered MDF. Perforated melamine structural board with the function of a base on which to place the mattress. Recommended mattress: 90x190. Mattress not included.


    Dimensions in cm:

    Structure: Width 126 - Depth 253 - Height 188

    Drawer: Width 92 - Depth 85 - Height 23

    Desk: Width 100 - Depth 58 - Height 78

    Shelf: Width 111 - Depth 25 - Height 35

    Materials: Lacquered MDF


    Structure: White - Blue - Ocher - Pink - Storm grey

    Drawers: Basalt grey

    Wheels: Black

  • Discovery Bunk Bed by Mathy by Bols


    Bunk Bed Discovery bunk bed by Mathy by Bols structure in solid pine wood left raw and lacquered MDF. Slatted base, recommended mattress 90x190


    Dimensions in cm:

    Single structure: Width 100 - Depth 228 - Maximum height 150

    Square and a half structure: Width 130 - Depth 228 - Maximum height 150

    Materials: Raw solid wood - lacquered MDF

    Finishes: Ocher - Coral - Artichoke - Storm grey

  • Treehouse bunk bed in lacquered MDF


    Treehouse bunk bed by Mathy by Bols, made of lacquered MDF. Reversible sides and roof; Structural table with base function on which to place the mattress. Recommended mattress: 90x190. Mattress not included.


    Dimensions in cm:

    Width 185 - Depth 78 - Maximum height 204

    Materials: lacquered MDF

    Finish: White

  • House-shaped bunk bed made of wood with fabric-covered roof


    Bunk bed made of wood including fabric roof and mattresses excluded



    Width: 212 cm
    Depth: 155cm
    Height: 227cm


    The chipboard is coated with melamine with UV digital prints, which meets the warm colors of wood with technology, to improve health and quality of life, and produced with TS EN (E1) quality system and UKS quality certificate

    It is enriched with printed roof designs

    Metal ladder

  • Moka bunk bed, one and a half square below and one square above

    €586.35 €651.50

    Wooden bunk bed with a queen size bed in the lower part and a queen size bed in the upper part. Mattresses excluded


    Structure dimensions:

    Width: 209.5 cm

    Height: 160.5cm

    Depth: 137 cm

    Materials: Melamine

    Finishes: Moka - Dark Metal - Black - Blue

    Product weight: 122 kg


    Recommended mattress for the lower bed is 120x200x height 16 cm, while for the upper bed it is 90x200x height 16 cm

    It provides a more spacious sleeping environment thanks to its large lower sleeping area

    The ladder can be mounted on the right or left of the product depending on your preference

    The product has been designed and manufactured according to TSE and European standards

    As shown in the illustration, the structure has no slats, but three melamine panels for the lower part and a panel for the upper part to support the mattresses

    The maximum load capacity of each bed is 130 kg

  • Tree house bunk bed


    Bunk bed with 2 floors in MDF wood. Aged wood color painted with non-toxic paints. The upper deck supports up to 120 kg and the missing piece of roof favors the entry of new air. The plan has the function of the network so it is not necessary to purchase it. The 2 mattresses (190x90h10) are included in the price - Measurements L. 205 cm x P. 95 H 241

  • HAPPY BUS bunk bed for children in mdf with nets and mattresses included


    BUS-shaped bunk bed in MDF wood including network and 2 mattresses. Bed size cm L 210 P 115 h 145 mattress 190 x 90 h 10 available in the colors Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. Maximum sustainable weight 100 kg. LED light in the headlights. Ladder can be positioned on both sides or on the back

  • Fireman Sam bunk bed in mdf FIRE TRUCK DOUBLE with lights and ladder


    Truck-shaped bunk bed in MDF (high-strength wood) by SAM the Firefighter including 2 bed bases and 2 mattresses cm L 207 D 116 h 146. mattress cm 190 x 90 h 10. Maximum sustainable weight 100 kg . Led light in the headlights powered by cells / batteries. switch at the front of the bed. Fireman Sam right in your bedroom. Ladder can be positioned on both sides or on the back

Bunk beds for children's bedrooms

Kasa-Store offers you a wide range of bunk beds and loft beds for your puppies' bedroom

Bunk beds have always been a real space saver . Who has never slept in a bunk bed? Let's start with the loft beds . The loft beds that we offer are made by national and international brands with high quality and very resistant materials over time. The materials and paints used to make the products are ecological and environmentally friendly . Like most of the models in our catalogue, the finishes can be customized to give a sense of vivacity and joy to the bedroom .

Loft beds how to choose them?

In our catalog you will find multiple functions and structures. Before buying it you will need to consider the space available . The bedrooms are getting smaller and smaller and it is precisely for this reason that we have solutions such as beds with built-in wardrobe or bed with desk . Many of these models also include a third bed .

Bunk beds for children

Another space-saving solution with two beds are bunk beds. Cheap bunk bed does not mean lack of quality because all the beds on display are handcrafted by leading companies in the sector. You will find modern wooden bunk beds , with original shapes and nice prints suitable for all genders and ages . They range from traditional models such as Nordic bunk beds or design bunk beds which are those with various curtains and more colorful structures . Kasa-Store also offers you bunk beds with a third pull -out bed or chest of drawers to give you the opportunity to invite friends for a pajama party . The wooden bunk beds have a vintage and very essential charm, while the themed beds give a more precise idea of a cartoon character or themed bedrooms such as pirates or princesses . Satisfy your child by purchasing the bunk bed to ensure a peaceful night's sleep in total relaxation. Discover all our Made in Italy products, produced with E1 certified wood in respect of the environment.