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  • Spider ping pong table by Fas Pendezza


    Ping Pong Spider game table by Fas Pendezza deisigner Basaglia, Nodari


    Dimensions in cms:

    Width 152.5 - Depth 274 - Height 74.5


    Materials: Metal

    Internal use

    Accessories – 2 rackets, 6 balls included

    Assembly - To be assembled

  • Ciclope Capri football table by Fas Pendezza the foosball table is tinged with blue


    Ciclope Capri table football by Fas Pendezza made of painted metal with teak inserts and conical base. Optional coverage


    Dimensions in cms:

    Width 75 - Depth 134 - Height 89.5


    Cabinet: in painted metal and teak inserts

    Legs: Painted conical metal base

    Playing field: Stratified plastic laminate 114.5 x 70


    Auctions – Passers-by

    Bushings - F65

    Knobs - Standard

    Adjustable feet

    Net weight – 79 Kg

    Handle height – 85cm

    Accessories included - 5 white balls

    External use

  • Calciobalilla Fido by Fas Pendezza the foosball table you were looking for


    Fido table football by Fas Pendezza made of Mdf and metal covered in laminate, available in various finishes


    Dimensions in cms:

    Width 75 - Depth 133 - Height 89


    Cabinet: Mdf

    Legs: 80 x 80 mm metal box with scratch-resistant paint

    Playing field: High resistance tempered glass 114.5 x 70 th. 0.5cm

    Finishes: Red - White - Black


    Bushings: F65

    Knobs: Standard

    Feet: Fixed

    Net weight: 51Kg

    Handle height: 85cm

    Accessories included: 5 white balls

  • Children's swing with single seat by Losa made of impregnated pine wood


    Single wooden swing for children in Losa made of autoclave-impregnated pine wood.


    Maximum overall dimensions

    Depth 230cm

    Width 160cm

    Height 195cm


    Structure in autoclave-impregnated pine


    Nr. 1 single swing with plastic seat

    Uprights dim. cm. 7x7

    Swing crosspiece dim. cm. 9x9

    Supplied in assembly kit

    Game according to EN 071 for private use

  • Joy wooden playhouse for children made of untreated pine wood


    Wooden house for children Joy of Losa made of untreated pine wood. Floor included



    Raw untreated pine

    Blockhouse construction type

    Dimensions in cms:

    Wall thickness 1.9

    Dimensions on the ground Width 118 - Depth 163

    Internal dimensions of the house Width 114 - Depth 91

    Internal floor area 1.10 sq m

    Maximum height 265

    Front Overhang 70


    Thick floor 18mm included

    Roof beads th. 15 mm included

    Bituminous felt included

  • Anny di Losa wooden children's playhouse made of red-colored impregnated fir


    Anny di Losa children's wooden house made of red-colored impregnated fir, ideal for children to play outdoors.


    Dimensions in cms:

    Wall thickness mm 10

    Dimensions on the ground: Width 97 - Depth 113

    Internal dimensions: Width 95 - Depth 74

    Maximum height 150

    Internal floor area 0.70 sq m


    Thick floor 10mm included

    Roof beads th. 10mm included

    Equipped with 3 windows


    Spruce impregnated red - black roof

    Panel construction typology

Garden games

Buy high quality playhouses and many other games for your little ones

In our catalog you will find our garden sheds and other games dedicated to your children and their space where they can play and have fun in complete safety. The houses and games that you find in our catalog are made of impregnated solid pine , which serves to make the products resistant to bad weather and long-lasting . The games we have selected offer the possibility for your children to play with their friends and have the most of fun. Playhouses engage your children in imaginative and creative activities . Our main aim is to pay attention to the quality of the products . Turn your garden into a safe place to play with garden swings and other games such as garden slides , sandboxes and others such as towers and adventure paths or picnic tables . Once you buy it they can enjoy hours of fun as they learn to play with their friends.

Playhouses and garden swings

Our playhouses for children offer plenty of space for them to enjoy themselves. Many children prefer to be in front of computer screens , but playhouses can help your children explore various games , keep them away from monitors and let them try new gaming experiences . Each playhouse has a front door and windows to let in natural light . Rigid wooden panels serve to block deformation and are resistant to atmospheric agents. The waterproof roof means they are durable and easy to set up or take down in minutes.

Modern houses full of color

Our cabins have bright colors , a tiled roof , open windows and a lockable door . Made with top quality materials, they are non-toxic , odorless and not harmful to our little ones. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.