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Wall mirrors: reflections of style and functionality

If once the mirror had a mere practical function, today it is much more. As well as reflecting our image, for vanity or to check we are tidy before going out, it has become a furnishing accessory. Wall mirrors are considered objects of style and design, aimed at filling a wall, illuminating and enlarging interior spaces. There are countless models, styles and shapes. With more or less important frames and in different materials. Choosing a mirror is like deciding which sofa, table, chair or armchair to buy to give your home an extra touch. Elegance, refinement, modernity or contemporaneity. On our website you will find a wide selection of wall mirrors, proudly made in Italy and cared for in every single detail.

Classic, original or modern: the many models of wall mirrors

Every interior has its own history and style. Whether it is the family home, a hotel, a spa or a bar, the design and furnishings must be in harmony with each other. The kasa-store catalogue includes wall mirrors in different shapes and currents. All carefully selected and offered by our interior design experts. Quality is guaranteed, as is the reliability and expertise that have always been our hallmarks.

Mirror 17: for welcome and good morning

Stones Mirror 17 is an example of a mirror with a dual function. Thanks to its simple, yet elegant shaped and mirrored frame, it is well suited for placement in the entrance hall or bathroom. For those who fall in love with it, another location could be the bedroom, but paying attention to the harmony and style of the furniture. With a frame base, it guarantees maximum quality and resistance.

Mirror 18: geometry is the protagonist

A mirrored frame with an impact that seems to come out of the wall. Thanks to its ladder structure, Mirror 18 Stones gives the room modernity, refinement and style. The idea of movement and dynamism is very well represented by the geometric frame, the real distinctive element of this mirror. Solid and sturdy thanks to the back structure in mdf and wood, it is also suitable for hotel and spa walls.

Mirror 20: design and decoration at first glance

Many small mirrors embrace the main mirror, forming an original and carefully designed corrugated frame. Thanks to its size, Mirror 20 Stones gives space and depth to the room in which it is placed. This is why it is one of the perfect wall mirrors for hotels, restaurants, spas or homes with large, spacious rooms.

Mirror 21: Modernity is the watchword

Original and somewhat eccentric, it gives a fresh and bright touch to the room. Its main feature is the segmentation of the surface into several different parts. These are segments of mirror, assembled together to give the whole piece of furniture a cut effect. With its round shape, Mirror 21 Stones can be placed in any location and room. From home and family interiors to professional offices, not forgetting shops, hotels, restaurants and wellness centres.

We have added this category because our clients looking always for new ideas and fanciful accurated articles. Our mirrors are furniture accessories that will make your home,your office or hotel, a fascinating location. Really beautiful and out from ordinary, they distinguish from other mirrors for their unique design. Made in Italy furniture is today really requested and appreciated from everybody, and so we would like to amaze you with something different and never seen before. If you think that other suppliers propose you always same mirrors, take a look to our catalogue and you will find very interesting and advantageous articles for decorating your spaces in a smart and refined way.