Where to find the shipping cost for countries outside Italy

Go to the product you are interested in and click on the black button with a white truck below the "add to cart" button.

This price is for delivery to street level only. If you cannot find your country in our list, please email us at [email protected] and specify the country of destination for a quote.

Photo of the button:

To get a quote for the transport to the floor and assembly service, please follow the instructions below.

We inform you that this service is not included in the shipping cost you add at the moment of the order, for that reason, please email us at

[email protected] with your request and indicate the product you'd like to purchase with its dimension and material,

then, exact delivery adress, which floor it should be deliver to, if your house or apartment has large steps or a spacious elevator and if

you live in a traffic limited zone, in order to do a specific quotation.

The delivery time can vary up to 7 working days, you will be contacted by phone by the fitter.

The floor delivery, which may also include assembly, is to be defined up to the entrance of the flat. Internal floors will not be considered as neither

the courier nor M&L Design can assess the size and stability of the internal stairs, which may be too narrow or have spiral structures and therefore not

suitable for the movement of the material. If the space in the staircase or in the lift is not sufficient for the passage of the product, M&L Design shall

not be held responsible and may make the delivery at street level retaining the amount requested for this service. It is the customer's responsibility to

ensure that the purchased item is compatible with the above.

The assembly service does not include electrical and electronic equipment.

If you do not find your country in our list, please email us at [email protected] specifying the country of destination for a targeted quotation.

We inform you that the transport cost for the destination France concerns peninsular France only and does not include Corsica, for which it is necessary to send a request for a quote to [email protected] indicating the exact delivery address. We inform you that orders already placed will be required to pay additional shipping costs if they have already completed the order from the site

We would like to inform you that for the cost of transport for a delivery to islands outside the Italian territory it is necessary to send a request for quotation to [email protected] indicating the exact delivery address. We inform you that additional shipping costs will be required for orders already placed if the customer has already completed the order.

Instructions for the receipt of the order

Please follow our instructions and conditions here

For any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]