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Design stools: always elegant and refined

Kasa-Store was born with the desire to enhance Made in Italy, to disseminate and enhance the skill and know-how of the artisans of our country . An interesting and stimulating mission, but with a very clear and precise objective: to propose only and exclusively quality furnishing accessories . Our design stools are an example of this: modern and design stools, with an unmistakable style, always elegant and refined . Perfect for kitchens with liveable islands, offices, waiting rooms and co-working spaces or open spaces. Our choice of stools online is wide and always coincides with the most different tastes of each of you, just know how to look!

Not only style and design for online stools, but also innovation and technology

Quality and comfort: these are the two main characteristics of the design stools on our site. The models are many and varied: from fixed stools to rotating ones with pistons, from padded ones to essential ones, then passing through kitchen stools, high stools, bar stools, adjustable stools or modern kitchen stools. The online sale of modern kitchen stools is also an excellent solution for those who have a large and spacious kitchen with the possibility of an island detached from the wall units, so as to combine the utility of the stove with the pleasure of space to share a meal with the person you love. What unites them all in general is style and design. In addition to the technological and innovative development, not only of the forms, but also of the mechanisms, where present. It is never a temporary seat, but a symbol, an icon, a style that must be respected and chosen with care.

Many and different models of design stools for every request

Choosing is never easy. Our experts help you by offering you only high quality and total comfort design stools. The rest is up to you, depending on your tastes and the style of your interior, whether it's homely or professional. Allison is an example of this marriage. Simple and linear lines, comfortable and padded seat. The structure is in chromed metal, while the seat is padded and covered in PU. There are three main finishes available, in red, white and grey. Modern, perfect for contemporary environments, with essential shapes and clean lines. Alan is a stool whose structure is in metal and the seat in pvc. Covered in imitation leather. You can adjust its height thanks to the innovative piston system. And opt for the color that best suits your environment.
Original, contemporary and unquestionably part of the design stool range. It's Tappo , one of the many modern stools designed by Tomasucci. The structure of this piece is strictly in chromed metal. The height can be easily adjusted thanks to the gas mechanism. The seat, precisely in the shape of a crown cap, is in transparent methacrylic. Fresh and modern, it is perfect for young homes, bars, waiting rooms of clubs and bars. Definitely more classic and minimal, Arko is another example of Tomasucci design stools. Backless, with a matt gunmetal-colored metal tripod structure. The round seat is in oak wood, adjustable in height. This is our world dedicated to design stools, for every room in the house, in the living room as well as in the bedroom, as well as for the moment of sharing: the online sale of kitchen stools is a great way to get inspired and have the best item at the price What do you desire.

Seriousness and reliability

Every size, shape and color of our design stools, whether they are high stools, bar stools, stools, modern kitchen stools, adjustable stools, is the result of teamwork for the best search for reliable suppliers with a guarantee of quality. Thanks to the work of all the members of our team, we guarantee the best value for money on true design furnishing accessories. We ensure punctual deliveries and maximum satisfaction from our customers. Kasa-Store stands for seriousness and reliability for our design stools , as well as representing a real point of reference for online purchases of furniture, tables, chairs, lamps, kitchen stools, beds. We choose only the best products, in full respect of taste, style, aesthetic beauty, and above all quality.