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Hi, I live in Rome and I'm interested in the Tulip Saarinen table. I was wondering if it was possible to see the table before buying it. Do you have an exhibition in Lazio?

Good evening, sorry but we have the store only at our headquarters in Colle di Val D'Elsa (Si). We have no further showrooms

I am interested in Tulip Table 100 cm diameter and would like to know the freight charges to Germany, ZIP Code 96047. Thank you.

Dear customeDear customer,for calculating shipping cost,you have to add the article to the cart,doing checkout,and on next page you will find the button "calculate shipping costs".Then you have just to choose your country and you will get transport cost.r,for calculating shipping cost,you have to add the article to the cart,doing checkout,and on next page you will find the button "calculate shipping costs".Then you have just to choose your country and you will get transport cost.

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General FaQ
I found the product I was lo I found the product I was looking for, what should I do to buy it?

If you found the product you are interested in, you have just to click on "Add to cart". This action is not binding, and it doesn't define the order. After that, a new window is opened, and if you want to add more products to the cart, just click on "Continue shopping" to choose other items to your order, or to finish it click on "CHECKOUT". In this way,you access to the summary page of your cart,and on the right of the display of your computer, or just below the description of the product tou add, you find a frame where you can write a code promo, if you have it. 

Now, just click on proceed to checkout and insert your personal information, such as name, surname etc...in fact you have to create a personal account where we ask to write you email adress where we can notice you about your order and shipping, and you personal password that we can't now, of course. In the lower part of the screen, there is a frame dedicated to freelancer or to people who have a VAT number.
Once you add you personal data, in an another window you can insert you fiscal code (as a private citizen) or VAT number (for company or freelancer).
If the shipping address is different to the one of the billing address, click on  Billing address differs from shipping address, and add the new data. Then, select the shipping methos you prefer. Here, have a look at the different methods delivery conditions click here

The last step is the payment, here you find the page dedicated to the payment methods click here. Once selected the one you prefer, you will access to the confirmation page.

These are the options:
Bank tranfer , you access to a page with our bank details that you will receive also by mail (the one of your account), then click on ORDER WITH AN OBLIGATION TO PAY. From there, we received you request, but your order is not confirmed, it will be confirmed only when we receive the payment, that has to be settled within 5 working days, otherwise, we have to cancel the order.

with this method, you can pay by your Paypal account or by your credit/debit card. Please, wait until the portal will bring you on our website automatically, otherwise we can loose the traceability of the order, and did not receive it correctly.

For any further information, contact us at by phone at +3905771794408 or by mail at customerservice@kasa-store.

What are the payment methods?

Our payments methods are:

Bank transfer 

Credit/debit card through Paypal



- In case of payment with BANK TRANSFER, the payment has to be done within 5 working days, otherwise the order is canceled.

- In case of purchase with PAYPAL or credit/debit card works in this way: you select that option to PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD and just add your card details.

If you have an account Paypal, you will be redirect to a Paypal page where you write you email address and you password and where you can pay. Your financial details will be not shared with M&L Design, but they will be managed directly by Paypal. Paypal is an online service that allows you to pay safely, easily and quickly and opening a PayPal account is free. By selecting the type of payment PayPal In case of cancellation of the order, of non-acceptance by M&L Design, the amount will be refunded to your PayPal account. In the event of a product that does not conform to the image or description, you can open a dispute on Paypal which will immediately block the payment made until the dispute is resolved (see Paypal rules). M&L Design will not be responsible for delays and / or damages caused during the refund phase.


This payment method is valid Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany.

For Italy, Spain, France the payment is in three instalments, the first one when ordering, then after 30 days and the last one after other 30 days.

For Germany the payment is in one time 30 days after the shipping.

For Switzerland the payment is in one time 30 days after the shipping.

This payment method is available for orders from 35€ to 1500€.

If there are insufficient funds, Klarna Bank  will be responsible for recovering the credit. 

What are the delivery time?

The delivery time is counted on the on the time of production more the transport time required by the client. On our website you can see just above the bottom "add to cart", the time we need to prepare your order. Since the articles are ordered and produced at the time of the order, the times are calculated with reference to an annual average obtained from previous sales. These times are also shown in the technical data sheet below the product images and are denominated with SHIPPED IN and Days required by the courier for delivery.

We refer always to working days. Here is an example of how to count the days

product X for example : SHIPPED IN 10/15 WORKING DAYS

                                     Days required by the courier for delivery 2/6 working days 

In this case, the order can be delivered in these days

12 working days (10 preparation days plus 2 delivery days)

16 working days (10 preparation days plus 6 delivery days)

17 working days (15 days preparation plus 2 days delivery)

21 working days (15 days preparation plus 6 days delivery)

For more details click here and check paragraph 6.

I have entered my details to purchase a product. Who will have access to it?

The personal data you have provided us with by filling in the registration form or in any other way, are subject to the provisions of the law decree n°196/2003 of 30.06.2003 regarding the processing of personal data and may be used by Adjutor Srl. For further information please visit our sale general conditions

The shipment is free?

The shipment is free only in Italy, you can check the shipment price when you add the product to the cart, then click on  "calculate shipment cost". The delivery is at street level, at house number. For any further informations, please contact us at [email protected]

How is my order handled? What are the steps?

This process works in this way

  • You add the product(s) to the cart
  • You creates the account
  • When it's done, we send a WELCOME MAIL with your registration details 
  • You finish the order with the payment
  • If you select the payment by BANK TRANSFER we send you an email AWAITING PAYMENT BY BANK TRANFER and at the moment we receive the payment, we send you a "payment accepted" mail
  • If you choose PAYPAL, the payment is immediate, so we  only send the PAYMENT ACCEPTED mail
  • When we receive your payment, we start to prepare your order and in 1 or 2 working days from the previous mail written above, we send you an "IN PRODUCTION" mail, to tell tou we are preparing the order.
  • When the goods are ready to be picked up, we send you a Delivery mail where we indicate which transport company deliver and the tracking number or the tracking link to follow.
  • The invoice can be dowloaded directly on your account on our website in the section Order history and details

How can I see the shipment date?

The approximate date of commencement of shipment, i.e. when the goods are picked up at our warehouses by the courier and not when they are delivered, can be viewed in your account in the ORDER HISTORY section. The same will be visible as soon as the order is placed, but the order will be put into production upon receipt of the PREPARATION IN PROGRESS e-mail, in fact, in your account right next to this orange writing you can find written in light blue "Estimated date of shipment. Click here". This is calculated on the average production time of the article and is subject to change, not on the portal, but it can be anticipated as well as slightly delayed. In the first case the customer will only receive the current delivery email, in the second case the customer is then warned by our logistics of the potential delay that the order may be subject to. In the case of an order by bank transfer, the approximate date of shipment will be shown on your account, but this will be recounted upon receipt of payment, let us give an example:

ORDER placed on 10/01, the time shown in the account is counted from 10/01 until the end of the production days.

RECEIPT OF PAYMENT on 13/01, the account will automatically count production time from 13/01

It is possible to cancel an order?

Yes, it is. The order can be canceled for free by 1 working day starting from the reception of the authomatic mail of "payment accepted". You have just to send a mail to [email protected] indicating the order number. After 1 working day of the reception of that mail it will be not possible anymore to cancel the order, but you can only request the right od withdrawal by 14 days from the reception of the goods.

How much does Flat Transport and Assembly cost?

To calculate the cost of transport to the floor or including assembly, please send us an email to [email protected] with the following details

Product name indicating the specifications of the selected product

Delivery address

The floor of the flat

If equipped with a capacious lift

If the stairs are wide enough to transport the product

How can I calculate the cost of transport?

Transport in Italy is always free of charge, including the islands. If you need to ship to European or non-European countries, you can calculate it by adding the product to your cart and then clicking on CHECKOUT without registering. Once in the cart summary just below the description of the products you have entered click a black button with the writing CALCULATE SHIPPING COST. Click on it and a window will open, select the country of destination and the transport price including VAT will automatically appear.

Does Kasa-store have showrooms in Italy or anywhere else?

Kasa-store has only a shop/warehouse in Italy and we are situated in Poggibonsi near Siena (Tuscany). We write warehouse because the opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 12PM and from 3PM to 6PM. We are just an online shop and our prices are with very small recharges  because we cannot have retailers who would raise the price of the product too much to stay on the market. We remind you that we have almost 12,000 products in our catalogue and that we only have a tiny part of our products in stock. You can find the best-selling articles, so if you come from far away you should first contact us at +3905771794408 to ask if the article required  or not.

Do we have any other product photos?

Unfortunately, the only photos we have are those that you can find on the page product sended us by our suppliers and we do not have the opportunity to take more photos as having more than 12000 items in the catalogue it would be a mission impossible to take more photos of the products. In fact, we ask customers to send us photos of the product purchased in exchange for a 5% discount on their next purchase. Our staff, however, constantly asks our suppliers for updates and on average we add at least 1 photo per product every 3/4 months.

Do the products arrive already assembled?

Our products are pre-assembled but not fully assembled. Assembling them is always very easy by following the instructions you will find on each product. For any further information, you can contact us by chat or email at [email protected]

How should I collect the material during delivery?

First of all, we would like to remind you that all our shipments are insured, so please follow our instructions step by step.

You will receive from our logistics department an e-mail of "delivery in progres"which indicates the courier weuseto ship your order so that you will be well aware of who can deliver the material and not confuse it with other shipments on other websites.

When the courier arrives, you must help him unload the goods with 1 or more people to provide assistance.

Once the parcels have been unloaded, check that they are in good condition and that there are no suspicious noises inside.

Always take a photo of the parcels even if they do not present any defects or dents.

once this has been done, collect the parcels, then sign the pod with the following wording:

PACKAGE BROKEN : If there are any openings or tears in the box.

HOLED PACKAGE : If there are holes or deep dents on the boxes or packaging.

PACKAGE WITH SUSPECTED NOISES INSIDE: If there are glass or stone tables or any other items that deteriorate on the inside due to knocks they may fall apart even if the box is intact.

If none of these possible damages are on the packages, please collect them with "GOODS UNCHECKED"

Once you follow these steps, open the goods and check the inside of the packages within 7 working days and if there is any damage send us photos to [email protected]. If there are dents or anything else, take photos of the product before assembling it because once assembled, if there is any damage it is impossible to determine who is responsible for the defect. For products made in marble, the time to claim the damage is 48H

Do we do taylor-made?

We are sorry, but the taylor-made is not available on all our products. Most of them cannot be modified, but you can find on the description and product sheet the possibility to change some details on request. We do not carry out bespoke work on items where there is no mention of changes (most of them). Please note, however, that we can consider product changes on orders for articles purchased in large quantities.

What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

The transport company will contact you to tell you the day of delivery, and we always email you when your order is shipped, writing also the name of the company will transport your goods.

Sometimes it can happen that the goods are left by the courier to your neighbour, but this is not something chosen by us and that we constantly try to monitor and not to carry out that, so it is always advisable to warn the neighbour or the doorman to collect the goods, as written on our conditions of sale or to refuse them as they are not intended for them.

Right of withdrawal or refusal to deliver the order?

The two things are totally different. The refusal of the order is a practice that is not part of the right of withdrawal and therefore leads to a storage of the material on delivery and return to our warehouse, the costs are charged to the customer because it is not the right mentioned above but a refusal of a sale contract already signed and countersigned. We therefore invite you to collect the material and within 14 calendar days request us the right of withdrawal via e-mail or registered mail, here you can find the procedures for requesting the right of withdrawal

What are our delivery methods?

In order to initiate the shipment procedure, M&L Design sends the delivery in progress email. The customer must authorise the shipment or collect the goods within 1 day from the sending of that email. If availability we given is not respected, any costs for storage and/or redelivery will be charged to the customer. If the customer does not wish to authorise shipment due to the impossibility of collecting the order on that date, he must send a request to [email protected] on the same day that he receives the "delivery email", indicating the date for which he wishes to receive the purchased item. 

Delivery and acceptance of the supply will only be initiated once the order has been paid for and will be carried out by express couriers  specialised in furniture and furnishing shipments;

the Standard Shipment service means that with delivery at street level to the house number and the customer must cooperate with the driver to unload the packages from the side of the truck, sometimes providing other people depending on the size and weight of the article purchased. 

When you register your order, you must always indicate in the order notes if the delivery street/square/place indicated in the shipping address is in an historical centre, because not all couriers have the permission to access these areas. 

For orders with more than one item, M&L design may ship the products in several times as not all items have identical production times. Multiple items may be delivered by the courier in several times. 

With destination Switzerland, the wording taxes included refers to the customs charges incurred, therefore the customer will be responsible for paying the VAT of their country upon delivery.

We would like to point out that the delivery of the articles in the children's bedroom section will be sent by a courier suitable for the transport of furniture, therefore the standard email of delivery in progress with an email alert will only confirm that the courier has collected the goods, therefore you will not receive any link to track the package. The courier will then contact the customer to arrange a delivery day, but not a real appointment. Delivery times may vary by up to 7 working days.

The delivery is at street level, until the entrance of your house.

How can I find the product I am interested in?

You can search for the product using the 'search' bar at the top right of the screen if you are viewing from a PC where it says 'Search here for the best items for your home', or at the top centre if you are on a mobile phone.

Type in the word you are looking for and you will be shown all articles with that query (search term).

If you don't see any articles, try another word, or you can do a search via our catalogue menu at the top if you are on a PC, or if you are on a mobile phone, you can see three horizontal bars enclosed in a black square at the top left next to the logo

I am a professional, can I get discounts?

Unfortunately, we do not have any discounts for professionals of this sector, as we are an online shop and do not have any mark-ups for traders or architects. However, we can collaborate and in case of continuity and loyalty of purchases in our store, we can make a dedicated price list to encourage sales and a budget achievement.

What should I do if there are problems after delivery?

Before giving the answer, we would like to remind you again that the goods must always be collected at least under the description  "good unchecked". Please read this FaQ.

In the event of a damage to the goods, please send us photos of the damaged product before the assembly, to [email protected] within 7 days of receipt of the item.

If the goods have been received as described above and the product shows actual transport damage, a replacement will be made under full warranty. We remind you that the usual production time is required to receive the replacement, which is indicated on the page product. If the damage does not affect the use and stability of the product, you can use the purchased items.

It will then be up to the customer to get rid of the damaged part and in any case only after our communication, as insured shipments are sometimes checked by insurance experts. 

We remind you that the damage is not a part of the warranty, which is only for structural problems or product malfunction.

Payment with Klarna

Buy now, pay later. More informations on:

Hi, I live in Rome and I'm interested in the Tulip Saarinen table. I was wondering if it was possible to see the table before buying it. Do you have an exhibition in Lazio?

Good evening, sorry but we have the store only at our headquarters in Colle di Val D'Elsa (Si). We have no further showrooms

I am interested in Tulip Table 100 cm diameter and would like to know the freight charges to Germany, ZIP Code 96047. Thank you.

Dear customeDear customer,for calculating shipping cost,you have to add the article to the cart,doing checkout,and on next page you will find the button "calculate shipping costs".Then you have just to choose your country and you will get transport cost.r,for calculating shipping cost,you have to add the article to the cart,doing checkout,and on next page you will find the button "calculate shipping costs".Then you have just to choose your country and you will get transport cost.