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Designer table lamps: classic and modern

If you are looking for splendid designer table lamps, consult the extensive catalog that we at kasa-store make available: you will certainly be amazed in front of such a complete assortment.

When it comes to decor, lighting needs to be given due importance. In fact, well-lit environments suggest protection, warmth, intimacy, familiarity. Soft light is a precious ally for your moments of relaxation, just as the more lively one gives liveliness and joy to any day! It is essential to choose not only excellent wall and ceiling lamps, but also desk lamps. Ideal elements for the study, for the bedroom, for the living area and for all the other rooms in the house. Sturdy and resistant materials, green and ecological manufacturing processes, articles designed for your well-being and for the people who are dear to you.

A fast and efficient service

Are you undecided about which product is best for your home? Contact us and talk to us: we will provide you with useful advice on the most suitable lamp, bearing in mind that the range offered is truly vast! We personally take care of the control of each single complement, with meticulous checks that concern both the basic structure and the paints, finishes and obviously the functioning. We rely on the most skilled professionals in the sector, capable of giving life to authentic masterpieces of craftsmanship. In any case, we guarantee advantageous prices and excellent quality.

The meticulous simplicity of our table lamps

Do you love a sober, classic style, without frills? We have lots of designer table lamps that are right for you. The splendid Touch, for example, resembles a common light bulb, but turns out to be a real gem and even provides dimmable light if you want a soft, gentle, romantic atmosphere. Here is also the marvelous Radio , in chromed metal or opaque white, essential in its lines and beautiful to look at. The diffuser is in fine blown glass, the cables are covered in fabric. The model called Tolomeo , on the other hand, is inspired by traditional lampshades but gives its best in minimal and contemporary rooms.

Desk lamps for those who appreciate originality

Our modern table lamps include a number of unique fixtures, which will no doubt elicit an expression of surprise from your guests! We are referring, for example, to the spectacular Foot: guess which part of the body it imitates? An unmissable piece, incredibly elegant and unconventional, in hand-molded resin and purchasable in matt white and glossy black finishes with golden interior. We present the scenographic Jody, in the shape of a sneaker and also perfect as a gift idea for your sports friends. Speaking of design table lamps, we cannot fail to mention Atlante, with a methacrylic base and formica shape: do you prefer it in gold, silver or copper? The review of the lamps on our e-commerce could go on for much longer. A magnificent treat for fans of horror films and books is Skull, by Lucifero Illuminazione , which depicts a skeleton complete with a Russian ushanka.

A lamp for your cottage

If you prefer rustic furnishings, in wood tones and shades, consider the modern Driftwood table lamps. An excellent solution for huts and chalets, but also simply for a stay that wants to recreate the typical mountain setting! The one in question is a model decorated with twigs, but there is also a version with deer antlers. How to enhance a space with a "wild" touch, which makes you dream of exciting journeys and distant lands.

The series by Lucifero Illuminazione

Lucifero Illuminazione is one of the brands we refer to the most: among other things, we offer you products that are halfway between a lamp and a portrait, which represent human faces and busts with a dreamlike, visionary slant. An element of this kind sends a shiver down the spine, strikes, attracts attention in any context. These designer table lamps are unique and unmistakable!