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Decorate your reading corner with an industrial-vintage bookcase

The libraries, unlike what the name might lead us to believe, are not only used to keep novels, volumes, magazines and so on. They are real decorative elements, able to enhance the appearance of any living room: even more so if theirs is an exclusive and elegant design, like that of industrial-vintage models. As you can well imagine, this style marks an authentic return to the past. A certain retro taste stands out, emphasized by the love for simplicity, for the apparently rough but in reality well-kept details, for the delicate shades of wood. All these details contribute to the definition of rustic beauty products, which will make your home even more intimate and welcoming. The vintage, however, joins the industrial, so as to outline unique items of their kind. In this category, bookcases occupy an important place: a living area cannot fail to include a piece of furniture of this type!

All possible uses of a library

The main room where bookcases are usually placed is the living room. It is here, in fact, that a corner for reading is often set up: a private and reassuring space, marked by relaxation and comfort. An industrial-vintage bookcase is excellent to combine with a soft armchair of the same mold, and with a coffee table that will host a themed lamp. These accessories are widely used in large, bright and airy environments, perhaps embellished with a comfortable brick fireplace. However that doesn't mean they can't be used in smaller areas, especially if they grow vertically. A bookcase that blends the vintage mood with the industrial one will give a significant touch of warmth to your study, bedroom, even the dining room or any home office. The veins and tones of the coatings, moreover, are capable of enriching any context.

A vast assortment of industrial-vintage bookcases

Some believe that vintage bookcases are all similar, but this is not the case at all: especially if this trend is associated with the industrial one, inspired by the atmosphere of ancient factories and craft workshops. For example, two completely different models are Campbell and Danish, both available on Kasa-Store. The first has a shape that almost resembles that of a staircase, with wooden steps and metal handrails; the second has a design closer to that of the classic bookcase, and is very suggestive for the combination of the iron skeleton with the wooden compartments. And what about the Factory collection? It is composed of tall and narrow elements, ideal for open-spaces and for high-ceilinged rooms. Without forgetting the Storage bookcases, which seem designed for storing typical industrial packages and packaging.

Materials and colors

Wood and metal, essential materials in the industrial-vintage style, are an emblem of rusticity, charm and strength. The interior products made in this way appear as if they have aged, not least because their surfaces are often peeling. In truth, this only highlights its exclusivity, and gives the overall picture an enormous value - that value that only age can confer. Consequently the colors are totally natural, mirror of genuineness and authenticity. The furniture is never decorated with paints or other such solutions, which would create an inevitable “artificial” effect. The panels are rough, "naked", as if they had just been carved from the trunk of the trees. Wood is an artistic match with metal, which accentuates the beauty of the bookcase with its dark and slightly rough-to-the-touch finishes. The end result is sober but elegant, plus it's solid, long-lasting and resistant!