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Small beds for children

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Children's beds

Kasa-Store has the largest selection of toddler beds suitable for pre teens

When we talk about play , imagination and safety , baby beds are not only the safe nest where to fall asleep, but also the first bed where they will sleep without mum and dad . The beds we offer you are smaller and lower than traditional beds . Children's beds are in fact the intermezzo in the transition between the cot and the single bed . They are designed to allow you to get on and off yourself safely . They have been made with materials, sizes and shapes for which parents can rest easy , knowing they are safe. In our catalog you will find a selection of very imaginative children's beds, finished with finishes that can be combined with other bedroom furniture . They can all be combined with themes such as: Peppa Pig , Frozen , Princesses , unicorns and Minnie .

Small design beds for your children's bedroom

If you were looking for an intermezzo bed for your little ones, here is a selection of themed beds to furnish your puppies' room, giving them a sense of playfulness and tranquillity. All the colors of the beds are soft and relaxing, recommended for those who want to convey inner peace. You will be able to find them in various fantasies also for children with a Spider Man theme, Lions , Kittens , Crocodiles and Nice -looking Bears for their joy. In some cases you can also choose to buy them with the appropriate mattress to have a complete and very safe bed