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Garden chairs

Kasa-Store garden chairs for a well-finished and high-design outdoor

The outdoor furniture must have the same attention as the indoor one. The availability of space and the type of environment to be furnished are important factors, especially when choosing a garden chair . If you believe that comfort is also important, we offer you elegant chairs for the outdoor environment , to sit comfortably and read your favorite book . An important peculiarity for the outdoor chair , in addition to being convenient and comfortable, must also be durable over time and have all the requisites to resist atmospheric agents . The chairs we have selected range from classic wooden ones to more technical materials such as polymers .

The most suitable materials for greater durability over time

On Marcato we find many types of product, each of which is suitable for the chosen style of garden furniture . Just like in the garden tables , the chairs can be made of wood , steel , aluminum or plastic . With such a wide choice, anyone will be able to select the model of chair that corresponds to their tastes and needs. Each of these materials has been selected precisely for the various characteristics that make it suitable for outdoor use. The wooden garden chairs are suitable for classic style furnishings , designed with a large seat and a wide backrest . If we refer to wood, it is important to know that it is treated with oils to make it waterproof . In the wooden models we can also find folding chairs which are useful as space savers to store in the garage or cellar . Those in metal are available in many colors and their minimal structure are suitable for a decidedly more modern style. We also have a wide range of plastic garden chairs , recommended for being highly resistant, composed of new generation polymeric and thermoplastic materials. Polycarbonate , polyethylene and polyamide are extruded to create chairs with a modern design full of particular shapes and gaudy finishes. The advantage of the new materials is that they can be stacked to take up little space . The plastic garden chair is the most popular because its material requires very little maintenance and is easily washable . All these features are suitable for outdoor use but what is most important is the lightness , because being of the right weight, it must be easily moved from one point of the garden to another and easily stacked . Furthermore, we must pay attention to the drilling percentage, in order to have penetrability and drainage for rain water . Choose the best on the market in our shop