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Industrial-vintage stools for all rooms in the house

A stool is an extremely versatile item, to be used in any environment you want. Usually these elements are used in the kitchen or in the living area: however they are also perfect for the study, for the bedroom, for the home-office etc. Some believe that stools are less comfortable than classic chairs, but that's not the case at all. The high quality models can be as comfortable as a soft armchair: they are designed for the well-being of the spine, and to make moments dedicated to relaxation even more pleasant. The advantages of a practical nature are combined with aesthetic ones, especially when it comes to industrial-vintage products. This style actually derives from the fusion of two trends, and is characterized by a constant inspiration from the past - a past that is however reinterpreted in a modern perspective, in the light of cutting-edge manufacturing processes and a pure and clean design. Aged and sometimes peeling surfaces, warm colors, combination of wood grain with shades of metal. These are the peculiarities of the accessories that combine the industrial mood with the vintage one. Stools are no exception, thanks to which you will enrich the furnishing of all the rooms of your home!

A large selection of industrial-vintage stools

Opting for one or more industrial-vintage stools means having a wide range of possibilities available. Functional and visually striking solutions that will transform your living room into an old country house or into one of those suggestive Far West saloons. Such an atmosphere is not only picturesque and scenographic: it is able to give a touch of rusticity and authenticity to even the most “cold” and impersonal places. This applies both to the types in which the vintage taste prevails, and to those that wink more at the industrial trend. As for the latter, we would like to point out, for example, the Industrial PD stool with a metal structure that almost recalls the gears of a factory. The seat, on the other hand, is in wood: the flames and light and luminous shades stand out. Cook, on the contrary, is more of a retro style and would easily find a place in an intimate mountain cabin. The lines are simple, sober and reassuring, which however does not hide a notable attention to detail. And what about the more original models, such as Safari and Bike? The first has a camouflage pattern and is also ideal for gardens and open-spaces; the second imitates the silhouette of a bicycle, complete with pedals. This is a typical choice of the industrial style!

The advantages of an industrial-vintage stool

The extensive assortment is just one of the positives of industrial-vintage stools. These items are created to look like vintage items, and to make guests and tenants jump into past centuries. These are unique products, halfway between traditional and design furnishings. They are excellent for enhancing entire rooms or small rooms, such as the corner bar or the one intended for the study. The stools are easy to move, light and handy: you could use them on the terrace, for a themed dinner with friends, and then store them at home to preserve the upholstery and finishes. An industrial-vintage stool is as beautiful as it is solid and durable. Apparently the materials are subject to wear, but this is nothing more than a ploy to accentuate the charm of the surfaces. Wood and metal are robust and long-lived, which is why such an element will last for years and years. Agora Mobili is not limited to the accessories described above, but provides many others. Cobbler, for example, has a peeling iron base divided into three feet, while Singher has a single foot and rounded shapes. You will decide which stool to embellish your rooms with!