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Floor lamps: a floor lamp that can furnish your living room or favourite bedroom

When it comes to indoor furniture, it is essential to pay attention to every detail: this obviously also applies to lighting. Elegance, functionality, savings, high performance, all criteria to be kept in mind when choosing devices.

We at kasa-store know the importance of such accessories, and we offer a wide range of floor lamps ideal for all homes. Solid and safe materials, easy installation, minimalist and geometric design for a very high aesthetic result. You will give your home a touch of refinement and make it more hospitable and comfortable: a real home, in the most "romantic" sense of the word, cosy and familiar. Lamps for the living room, kitchen, study; lamps for the bedroom, bathroom and all other rooms. How to personalise spaces with refined, modern, well-made elements finished in every detail.

An extensive and varied assortment of floor lamps

The kasa-store team uses only the most reliable suppliers to provide you with floor lamps that combine beauty, practicality and exceptional performance. We are going to talk about a few models to give you a general overview of our catalogue. What do you think, for example, of the splendid Dina in chromed metal and blown glass? Pure and essential lines, the excellence typical of products made in Italy, the possibility of adjusting the light intensity to create the right atmosphere. And what about the wonderful Loris, unmistakable and highly original? Only in appearance a simple tube, in reality it is an extraordinary decorative object able to attract attention and glances! Also worth mentioning among our floor lamps is the rustic Driftwood, which evokes the peace and quiet of mountain huts. The ornaments are made of natural wood, and are heart-warming with their beautiful grains and shades. We could go on and on with the kasa-store living room lamps! Polly is contemporary with its slender chrome stem, Mix by Tomasucci is lively, fun and exclusive. Let's not forget Tobia, in the shape of a shovel, pitchfork or rake, a must for lovers of country settings. We even have lamps with a small table incorporated, and portrait lamps with a distinctly dark and noir taste. The latter are by Lucifero Illuminazione, an authentic pillar of the sector.

Elegance and comfort with floor lamps from kasa-store

Would you like to enhance your interior with dramatic floor lamps? Contact us and take a look at our selection! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Clean and sophisticated design, smooth and shiny surfaces, a real pleasure to the touch and to the eye. All this is combined with incredible comfort, so that your return home after a busy day is even more pleasant. We comply with the highest safety standards and opt for advanced technologies that reduce consumption. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic paints, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and green solutions are all part of your well-being.

A wide choice of floor lamps made of robust and resistant materials

Your floor lamps, purchased on kasa-store, will remain as good as new despite the passing years! Yes, because the raw materials are the best on the market, not at all sensitive to wear, scratches, dirt and temperature changes. We make sure that you get the best value for money, the best prices and solid, long-lasting lighting products. There are absolutely no dangerous parts, which is why these devices are also perfect for children's bedrooms! They vary in style, structure, shape, size and colour, but all have beauty, functionality and quality in common. You have the opportunity to buy unique floor lamps, designed to add a touch of magic to your home environment and to perfectly illuminate each room. Some are more subdued, others more whimsical and extravagant, reflecting your preferences and accentuating the personality of any home. Don't miss this opportunity!

A designful floor lamp will light up a room but at the same will time furnish adding a personal style to the space. This lighting system can furnish a room or a little corner and this kind of lighting is assured by a dimmer that is included in almost all lamps. On our website you can find modern lighting system: modern floor lamps for the living room, lamps for the bedroom, for a kitchen and modern chandelier for every rooms. Find out the best offers. We have selected for you the most elegant systems that can add value to the room. Precious brands that assure solid and resistant materials, Italian piece of furniture to furnish your house. Kasa-store suggests  the best floor lamp to satisfy every exigencies. Take a look at our suggested items, our website keeps you up to date on our offers.