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Beauty and comfort with a modern armchair

The furniture in the living room requires some basic accessories, essential for the comfort and functionality of the room. Among these, a special place is occupied by the Armchair: an article that will welcome you in its soft embrace when you return from work, and that will accompany you in every precious moment of relaxation! There are many models of armchair, different in style, structure, materials, design. We at kasa-store have put together the best products to enhance your living area with exclusive elements. Aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand in these chairs of great value, modern, solid, essential in lines.

From classic to contemporary with the kasa-store selection

On our e-commerce you have the opportunity to get all kinds of armchairs, from vintage ones to those of a pure contemporary mold. Truly incomparable is the softness of You, whose solid wood skeleton is covered with a magnificent fabric with a velvet effect. A real relief for your tired body! The coating caresses the skin and is pleasant to the touch as well as to the sight. The perfect solution for the living room, for the office, for the waiting room of your study. And what about Roma , the cheerful armchair with a colorful patchwork motif? Such bright colors are a feast for the eyes, and the polyurethane padding is incredibly comfortable. The wooden legs give the venue a very elegant retro touch, but at the same time the architecture is geometric, clean, innovative. Here is also You, equipped with a cockpit structure and available in different finishes. Do you prefer white, beige, anthracite, mustard? We also present Vanessa, simple yet sophisticated, in wood and synthetic leather for a unique and inimitable result. Here too the colors are numerous, ranging from refined black to lively orange, from particular light green to restful purple. Minimal, refined, frills-free armchairs, able to integrate into the environment in a balanced way and to facilitate the optimization of the space. Chaise longue armchairs, with reclining backrest, with swivel base. An extremely wide range of models awaits you.

Hand-shaped armchairs and much more

Are you a lover of bizarre, extravagant, original accessories? Do you want to leave your guests speechless? Consider a hand-shaped armchair, which will undoubtedly amaze all your friends. The one offered by kasa-store is in chromed metal and microfiber, and includes a gas lifting system. This giant hand will be a precious ally of your comfort! Meridiana is unmistakable to say the least, ideal if you are attracted by avant-garde furnishings. The latest generation design does not depict a very precise silhouette, and paradoxically for this reason it has clear and decisive lines. The fabric that covers the product is a marvel, and you would spend hours and hours just touching it! If you want to give your living room a touch of unparalleled style, we offer you the armchair inspired by the famous Indian motorcycle. Every single detail suggests modernity, from the fiberglass structure to the high-density rubber cushion. In addition, there are lights on the front and even a lever is included to orient the backrest. A true art deco masterpiece, which reconciles the momentum towards the future with nostalgia for the past.

Functional armchairs for studios and offices

Obviously, the armchairs provided on our site are indicated not only for the living room, but also for the study. Imagine how nice it is to work on such a soft, robust and ergonomic seat! The spine is affected by the hours spent at the desk, but with such a complement, back pain will remain only a bad memory. Opt for a model that is as practical as possible, like the Vespa, with its silent rubber wheels, built-in LED lights and leather upholstery. Daily commitments have never been so pleasant.

From armchairs to poufs

Kasa-store puts at your disposal both armchairs, poufs and very comfortable bags. Some are neutral shades, others characterized by bright and brilliant shades. Some are cubic, others cylindrical, others drop-shaped, but all are strictly made in Italy and synonymous with high quality.