Gio Colonna Romano

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Gio Colonna Romano

World-renowned designer thanks to furnishings of great modern design

Colonna Romano Sicilian by origin but Milanese by adoption is the father of Slide. Among all his degrees he stands out as an industrial engineer, designer and entrepreneur. He has given life to many furnishing accessories in the Slide catalogue, taking advantage of his experience in the plastics sector. His creativity leads him to create lines of products with an ironic, fun and colorful design, also bringing a pinch of his personality to homes all over the world. All products are well-finished and functional. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, his idea and line of design inspiration was born by creating essential lines, which are able to give joy and functionality suitable for furnishing but also to give unique comfort. From the genius and inspiration for bright furniture, to objects for the home, the style of Giò Colonna Romano is one of the most characteristic of our times