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Modern carpets or vintage carpets

Rugs and ideas for all rooms in the home or office

In the living room , bedroom or bathroom , the carpet is an indispensable piece of furniture to create a welcoming atmosphere. With high pile or short pile , plain or patterned , the round rug , square rug or rectangular rug also helps to muffle noise . We offer you various colors and different styles such as: modern carpets, ethnic carpets, classic carpets to customize your decor . If you want a nice and well-kept entrance , focus on an original doormat or one with a nice writing to welcome your guests.

The ideal carpets only on kasa-store

If you want your home decor to always have a personalized style then our modern rugs are the ideal elements to give a touch of design and practicality to your living room or bedroom . Carpets are home furnishings and serve to give a style imprint to those who live there. In fact, in addition to being beautiful and refined, it must also be very practical and functional , especially bathroom rugs or kitchen rugs , which must always be clean and sanitized . Our modern rugs are made with quality materials and are very easy to clean as they are washable .

A wide range of rugs for all your rooms

By visiting our catalog you can find a wide range of modern carpets that are functional and practical in terms of taste but also in terms of price. Our rugs are able to satisfy every need to always have a practical and harmonious decor. Among the various shapes you will find rectangular rugs, round rugs , or fine rugs made of cotton and jute or ecru for a vintage style with an ethnic design . In different patterns, modern and original, as well as in many colors, to be able to harmonize any style of furniture . For example, you can find a multicolor fur or wool rug or a modern jacquard motif rug . There are many reasons why people buy carpets for their homes: from wanting to cover the tiles , or to enhance a corner of the house. Whatever the reason for buying carpets online , in our catalog you will find a wide assortment of carpets that can be right for you. The carpet is usually placed without a doubt in the living room, that is the area where you spend most of your free time. Carpets for living rooms that are in jute or cotton must communicate cleanliness and hospitality. While in a bedroom furnished with a contemporary taste we can recommend the round ones to put on the coffee table or in your study in a more traditional style. The purchase of cheap carpets is the solution to furnish and decorate without neglecting the details.

The carpet and its importance

Carpets are accessories that furnish our spaces and, at the same time, know how to make them comfortable and welcoming. They help to personalize the environment according to one's tastes and are able, only with their presence, to give style and beauty to every room. In the bathroom or in the kitchen , in the living room and as a bed rail in the bedrooms of adults and children, in front of the entrance door or on the balcony threshold , in the playroom or in the study , there is no room or corner of the house where can offer their benefit. Suitable for use on any type of floor , carpets protect the parquet by adding a detail capable of warming up the elegance of the marble . They are irreplaceable when you want to make an essential context chic and become companions to sofas and coffee tables , it will be a pleasure when you come home after work and rest your feet without shoes on a voluptuous and soft fabric, or for children when they play on the floor. In any case they cover the environment with elegance if positioned in key points of the room. Also suitable for decorating and embellishing shops and boutiques , waiting rooms, hotel rooms and public locations with a refined design. Real walkable works of art or very simple colored sheets? They are a solution that allows you to embellish any context and make it pleasant by also enhancing all the furnishing accessories that surround it. The ones you will find on our site have been chosen to ensure well-being and relaxation, made with anti-allergenic materials.

How to choose your carpet

There are a thousand variations and they are all very soft , to sink your feet into them or even the whole body, or thinner , to enhance the furniture in the rooms. In fact, the carpet sets no limits to the imagination and can be of classic workmanship and image, or chosen in original and unconventional versions. You can color a room with a lively tone model, or keep neutral tones such as in dove gray, gray , black or brown finishes, or more particular ones, such as: lavender , indigo blue , silver , turquoise , fuchsia , yellow or burgundy to finish with those multi-colored mosaics . Alternatively, you can opt for graphic and eye-catching styles, phrases imprinted on the fabric or abstract designs such as pop-art ones. So don't waste time and buy them in the natural versions or in woven materials to give a sense of Wild to your spaces