Changing tables and cots for babies

Cribs and changing tables: Everything you need for your newborn's growth

Cribs or changing tables let's find out what they are

Cribs and changing tables are two essential elements for a newborn's bedroom. Cribs provide a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep, while changing tables offer a practical and convenient space for changing nappies and caring for your newborn. In this article, we'll explore the importance of cribs and changing tables, along with tips for choosing and using these essential baby items.


Cribs are essential for ensuring safe and comfortable sleep for your newborn. When selecting a crib, it is important to consider safety, quality of materials and comfort. Make sure that the crib is equipped with solid bars and that the mattress fits well to the frame, to avoid the risk of suffocation. Also, choose natural and non-toxic materials to ensure a safe environment for your baby. Cribs can also come with additional features, such as wheels with brakes to make moving easier or a rocking mechanism to soothe the baby.

Changing tables

Changing tables are equally important in the daily newborn care routine. A good changing table should offer a stable, padded surface on which to change your baby's diaper, along with storage space for diapers, wipes and other essentials. Make sure the changing table is at a comfortable height to avoid excessive strain when changing diapers. Furthermore, it is advisable to opt for a changing table with raised edges or safety belts to prevent the baby from falling during the change.

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Cribs and changing tables are crucial elements for the care and comfort of the newborn. Choosing high-quality and safe cribs and changing tables is essential to guarantee a protected and comfortable environment for the baby