1 – To buy on M&L Design

2 – Purchase Procedure

3 – Order Modifications

4 – Shipping and Deliveries

5 – Shipping Costs

6 - Delivery Times

7 – Products Not Available

8 – Limits of use

9 – Revocation right

10 – Possible problems after delivery

11 – Warranty

12 – Privacy

13 – Summer break

14 – Christmas break

15 - COVID-19

1 – To buy on M&L Design

The products purchased on M&L Design are sold directly by the same company duly registered at the Companies' Register of Siena on 28/03/2017 with Vat Number.01449160520 M&L Design's operational headquarters is in Via Piemonte 13 53034 Colle di Val D'elsa (SI).

The prices shown in the shopping cart summary are in Euro (or other currency selected by the user) and include Italian VAT. The same price shown in the product page is summarized in the order form that the Customer has to confirm to conclude the purchase.

To learn more about our services some of them not shown in this page can view the pages : About usSecure PaymentFree delivery in Italy

2 - Purchase Procedure

Products are purchased through access to the site and the corresponding order form registration. For each of the products, a description containing the main characteristics of the item is available on the site. All information supporting the purchase is intended merely as general information material.
It is understood that the image accompanying the description of the product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics, but differ in color, size, accessories featured in the picture, as there may not always be images regarding the options available of the items, so in case of doubt please contact us at the following address [email protected]
The correct reception of the order is confirmed by M&L Design (Kasa-Store) via an automatic e-mail response, sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer at the moment of registration. This confirmation message will contain an "order number", to be used in case of any communication with M&L Design (Kasa-Store). The message will contain all the data entered by the customer, who agrees to verify their correctness and promptly communicate any corrections. Upon reception of the aforementioned email, the contract is finalized and the customer agrees to comply with all the General Conditions of Sale on this page governed by Italian law.

In the event of non-acceptance of the order, M&L Design (Kasa-Store) guarantees to promptly notify and refund the customer.
In case of cash on delivery order, the same is considered valid in all its parts from the moment it is selected and confirmed with the required payment types. This method of payment has a maximum order amount of € 1000.00 including vat and transport
The invoice for private customers can only be requested within 2 working days from the replacement of the order status in "preparation in progress" from the date of payment made, excluding cash on delivery to which only the status of preparation in progress will be considered valid. For companies, a regular invoice will be issued and sent via email at the end of the month of the respective order date.

The approximate date of shipment, being when the goods are collected at our warehouses by the courier (as they leave for the customer's address), will be available for the costumer to visualize in your account in the ORDER CHRONOLOGY section.
The same date will be visible as soon as the order is placed, but the order will be put into production upon reception of the email PREPARATION IN PROGRESS, in fact, in your account right next to this writing in orange you can find written in light blue "Estimated Date of Shipment. Click here". This is calculated on the average production time of the item and is subject to change, not on the website, but it can be anticipated as slightly delayed. In the first case the customer will only receive the 'delivery in progress' email, in the second one, then in a hypothetical delay, the customer is warned by our logistics of the eventual delay that the order may be subject to. In the case of an order by bank transfer, it will be reported on your account the approximate date of shipment, but the same will be recounted upon reception of payment, let's give an example:

ORDER placed on 10/01, the timing reported in the account are counted from 10/01 until the end of the days of production.

RECEIPT OF PAYMENT on 13/01, the account will automatically count the production timeline from 13/01 onwards

Please note that any charges due to Revolut card or foreign currency transfers will be reclaimed if we are charged.

We would like to inform you that the e-mail address cannot receive our communications. We therefore kindly ask you to provide an e-mail address other than the one mentioned above.

3 - Order Modification

Any changes to submitted orders are guaranteed until the purchased items are put into 'in production' status.

The 'in production' status starts immediately upon payment. However, M&L Design (Kasa-Store) is available for any subsequent changes, which cannot be guaranteed and will be authorized if possible based on the progress of production itself.
The request for cancellation of order must be received within the day after the order confirmation ( order status 'payment accepted') , otherwise M&L Design (Kasa-Store) will be free to retain or request 50% of the amount as a reimbursement of expenses. The cancellation will be valid in the above timeframe only on orders with bank transfer or paypal payment, therefore: cash on delivery, financing and postepay are excluded. It will only be possible to request the withdrawal of the order within 14 days after the goods reception. M&L Design (Kasa-Store) will be able to cancel the customer's order within 2 working days from the confirmation of the same, therefore of the receipt of payment, only in cases of non-availability of the product, or for error of description with respect to the characteristics of the article or in case that the displayed price had been wrongly placed in the website.

4 - Shipping and Delivery

To initiate the shipment procedure, M&L Design (Kasa-Store) sends the 'delivery in progress' email. The customer is required to authorize the shipment and collection of  the order within 1 day after the email is sent. If the given availability is not met, any storage and/or redelivery costs will be charged to the customer. If the customer wishes not to authorize the shipment due to the inability to pick up the order on that date, he/she must send on the same day of the reception of the 'delivery in progress' email, a request to [email protected] indicating from which date he/she wishes to receive the purchased item. In the event that the goods received look damaged, or there are visible damages to the naked eye even without opening the packages, the customer is still required to pick up the goods and then, within 7 days, send the claim request to [email protected] for warranty replacement. Warranty replacement or repair, will be accepted if and only if the rules for delivery of the goods as stated in item 10 are followed.
In the event that the customer does not wish to collect the goods on the date of delivery, the customer will be charged with the costs of storage and second delivery. However, it will be the responsibility of M&L Design (Kasa-Store) to ensure that the goods have been rejected and not placed in storage due to faults not attributable to the customer and to notify the customer of the redelivery of packages. 

The delivery and acceptance of the goods is initialized only when the order is totally paid, or with cash on delivery payment, and executed by express couriers or carriers specialized in furniture and furnishings shipments.

Standard Shipping service is performed by the driver only and is intended with delivery at street level of the house number for packages weighing less than 25 kg. If the weight of the package is higher, the customer must cooperate with the driver to unload the packages from the side of the truck,  providing other people, depending on the size and weight of the purchased item. M&L Design (Kasa-Store) reserves the right to open some packages for spot checks and possibly photographing the products as is legally responsible for the goods until delivery.

During registration operations it must always be reported in the notes of the order if the street / square / place of delivery indicated in the shipping address is a restricted traffic zone, historical center or particularly narrow street as not all carriers have permissions and means to access these areas. If this indication is not provided upon registration, it will be customer's responsibility to bear the costs of finding any different means of delivery and any storage costs.

For orders that include multiple items M&L design may ship the products in multiple times since, not all items have identical production times. Multi-pack items may be delivered by the courier in multiple times.

As per destination Switzerland, the statement 'taxes included' refer to customs fees; the customer will be responsible for paying the VAT of their country upon delivery and any customs duties (for the purchase of tables and chairs, there are no duties).

For shipments to other countries that are not part of the European Union, the statement 'taxes included' refers to the customs charges in export sustained, hence the customer will be responsible for the customs clearance charges in import, their own country's vat and any duties (for the purchase of tables and chairs there are no duties).

This also applies to the United Kingdom, where the custom charges to be paid by the customer to the courier, will be about 90 GBP +  5%  of the goods value for custom operations. We inform you that it is necessary to have an EORI number, which can also be obtained free of charge by private customers. For further information you can visit this site:

With U.S. and Canada destination M&L Design (Kasa-Store) will communicate the updated vat-free order total, only after verifying that the courier will collect the ordered goods from the warehouse.

Delivery with telephone notice provides that at the time of delivery, then about 3/8 working days after the reception of the email or change of order status to 'delivery in progress', the courier will make a call on the first cell phone number transcribed during registration. Delivery will be arranged in the time slot in which the courier will refer to the customer during the aforementioned notice call. The delivery will take place according with courier service routes and within an approximate time frame of 2 hours from the established time.

We point out that deliveries for items in the kids bedroom section , will be sent via carrier suitable for the transport of furniture, so the standard mail of delivery in progress with email alert, will only confirm that the courier has picked up the goods and you will not receive any link to track the package. It will be the same courier then, to contact the customer to arrange a day of delivery but not an actual appointment. Times may vary by as much as 7 working days because being delicate products and entrusted couriers specialized in furniture, the shipping timing may be longer than reported in the product sheet.

Delivery time for those who had opted for floor delivery or assembly may vary by as much as 7 working days in addition to the already 3/8 days reported on each product in our catalog.
Delivery at the floor, which may also include assembly, is to be defined up to the entrance of the apartment. Internal floors will not be considered, as neither the courier nor M&L design (Kasa-Store) can assess the size and stability of the internal stairs that may be too narrow or have spiral structures therefore not suitable for handling the material itself. In case the space in the stairs or elevator is not sufficient for transporting the product, M&L Design is not responsible and may perform the delivery at street level retaining the amount charged for this service. It is customer's responsibility to ensure that the item purchased is compatible with the above.
The price for floor delivery and assembly services that are shown on the product page are for delivery up to the 3rd floor.
The assembly service does not include electrical and electronic equipment.

5 - Shipping Costs

Standard shipping in Italy is free of charge.

Standard Shipping means shipping at street level to the destinations that are not in the so-called Special Locations.

For shipments abroad, for European countries, the customer can calculate the shipping costs directly from the site through the "European Shipping Quote" button. For countries outside Europe, the customer will have to contact through the email [email protected] to request the estimate costs.

Delivery also in this case is intended to be street level.

We inform that the transport cost for the destination France concerns only peninsular France and does not include Corsica, for which it is necessary to send a request for a quote to [email protected] indicating the exact delivery address.

We inform that for the cost of transportation for a delivery to islands outside the Italian territory it is necessary to send a request for a quote to [email protected] indicating the exact delivery address. We inform that for orders already placed concerning the aforementioned exceptions, additional shipping costs will be required if the customer has already completed the order.

6 - Delivery Times

The stated Production Timing should be taken as forecasts based on statistics of previous orders for the same type of product: each individual product sheet indicates the required production time for the relative product; in most cases, the scheduled timing vary between 3 and 8 weeks of production. We point out that the order production timing (which is always intended as working days from Monday to Friday) is indicative, as all items are produced at the time of the order, therefore with the possibility of time shifting in production. To the timing above, will have to be added the shipping period, which is about 2/6 working days

All items on the site are produced specifically for the orders placed, and an "additional term appropriate to the circumstances" is provided by law within which any delay in production is considered precisely "reasonable with respect to the circumstances", therefore M&L Design (Kasa-Store) undertakes to fulfill the delivery of the goods within 30 working days, 45 working days for items in the children's room category, from the maximum term counted by the addition of the Production Timing and the Shipping Timing indicated on each item page.
The M&L Design (Kasa-Store) Customer Service regularly updates in the order history section present in the Customer's account, the approximate date of shipment, so it will not be M&L Design's obligation to warn the customer by email of the possible delay of delivery compared to the first time frame established during the purchase phase.
After the subsequent 30/45 working days, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract of the over-delayed items only (if the order consists of more than one product) and then the corresponding refund
For items in the bedroom categories, the timing may vary by as much as 7 working days as they are delicate products and entrusted to specialized couriers in the interior design, the cited above may be longer than reported in the product sheet.

It is responsibility of M&L Design (Kasa-Store) to respect and anticipate the time frames indicated on the product sheets.

The information reported on each product sheet referring to production timings are intended as "average times" so in order to know a more definite date of shipment, we invite you to contact Customer Service before purchasing, if the Delivery Time is decisive for the purchase decision.

Orders that have a delivery date close to the pre-Christmas or summer vacation periods may be delayed to a greater or lesser extent due to possible unforeseen transportation or overproduction issues

The Ready to Deliver category includes items in stock which will be shipped within 1 business day.

Items where more than one variant is available, may have different delivery schedules as the stock refers to only certain finishes. We recommend that you review the delivery time for each finish listed just above the -add to cart- button.
Availability for immediate delivery is considered as a single piece per product; purchasing 2 or more pieces of the same item will not guarantee immediate availability.
As a reminder, for purchases of the same product received within a close time period, we will proceed in a chronological way and in case of outage of stock you will be contacted by our customer service.

We would like to point out that as of 10/01/2023, all TULIP tables have had their delivery time reduced to 10/16 working days for laminates and 15/26 working days for marbles. All orders received by that date will remain with the 15/26 working day delivery timeline

The timing shown on the product page is intended to be approximate because it is based on average annual product delivery statistics, so the same may vary depending on their production, consequently orders may experience delays in shipping of up to 4 weeks.

We point out that for Black Friday and the subsequent period, orders are not guaranteed to be delivered by CHRISTMAS.

This is due to the increased workload throughout the production chain and to couriers who are overloaded with deliveries during this period and cannot guarantee us the contractual time frame. Should the customer wish to know a more precise indicative date of shipment other than the one listed in the portal, he/she can contact us at: [email protected]

If a complaint file via PayPal or Klarna is opened during the order in progress, the order itself will be blocked until the dispute is closed, the delivery time will continue from the closure of the complaint. These options will allow M&L Design to recover the amount mentioned by legal means, charging the costs to the customer, and only when the file is closed, the order will be unblocked.

7 - Products Not Available

M&L Design constantly works to keep its database up-to-date. Because of the great number of products and collections we offer, it may rarely happen that some options are not available anymore. In these cases M&L Design will promptly inform its customers who can decide whether to change the order or to claim for a refund of the amount already transferred. For Outlet products available in a single unit, in case of simultaneous orders of the same item the priority is given according to the first payment received (and not the first order). In these cases M&L Design promptly inform the Customer which can, in turn, decide whether to modify the order or ask for a refund. In case of a supply composed by more than one products the refund will concern only the item not available; obviously we will consider every case separately, in case of a possible complementarity of the items (chairs that match with the table or nightstands that match with the bed, ...)

In the United Kingdom and Ireland upholstered items must meet specific fire-proof standards. As most of M&L Design products are not realized with flame-retardant materials, it will be necessary to ask for a quote to the manufacturer to comply with these regulations. Please note that some of them do not provide such service. For this reason we recommend British customers to contact our Customer Care team for availabilities and surcharges.
If M&L Design receives an order with upholstered items to be delivered to the UK or Ireland, our staff will promptly help the customer to find the most suitable solution.

8 - Limits of Use

The descriptions of the products and the pictures on the website are referred to infos available from M&L Desgin srls suppliers. The photos and videos of the products together with the descriptive information are published on the website only as descriptive, taken into consideration that the quality of the images, included the exact view of the colours,can depend on software and computer tools used by the customer at the moment of the connection to the website. M&L Design does not accept any responsability concerning problems caused to the customer by the use of the site and the technologies used since not dependent on our own will.

M&L Design srls informs that the website, as well as all brands and logos used for the sale of the products offered, are protected by intellectuel and industrial property rights. and any re-productions, communications, distributions, publications, alteration or transformation, in whatever form and any purpose. M&L Design srls reserves the ability to act legally to safeguard these aspects.
M&L Design srls does not take any responsability concerning brands and logos which appar on products sold on the website, since the customer does not acquire any right following the conclusion of the Contract.

9 - Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to Article 64 et seq. of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005, if the Customer is a consumer (i.e. a natural person who purchases goods for purposes not related to his or her professional activity, i.e. the customer does not make the purchase by indicating a VAT number on the order form), the customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason whatsoever, without penalty and without prejudice to points 2 and 3 below. Therefore, in accordance with Article on the right of withdrawal Legislative Decree No. 21 of 21 February 2014 - Implementation of Directive 2011 /83 EU on consumer rights, amending Directives 93/13 EEC and 1999 /44/EC and repealing Directives 85/577 EEC and 97/7 EC - The legal period for exercising the right of withdrawal is 14 days from the day of receipt of the goods by the consumer if the information requirements have been met. 

The customer who returns the product when exercising his right of withdrawal has : the right to reimbursement of the price of the product(s) ordered, except for the costs of return

1. On the proposal of M&L Design, the customer who has exercised his right of withdrawal may nevertheless choose for an exchange or credit note. We'll refund the value except for the costs of return.

2. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer shall send 

an e-mail to [email protected] no later than 14 days after the date of receipt of the goods or within 1 day after confirmation of the order. During the period of time that elapses from the 1st day after the confirmation of the order (email and change of the order status to payment accepted) it will not be possible to cancel the order, otherwise M&L Design shall be free to retain or request 50% of the amount as a reimbursement of expenses. The email must contain the following data:

- copy of the original invoice (indicate the order number, invoice number and customer code)

- bank details for the bank transfer (ABI - CAB - BIC/SWIFT - Bank Account of the invoice holder);

3. The right of withdrawal is subject to the following mandatory conditions:

- the right applies to the purchased product in its entirety. It is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the purchased product e.g.: accessories ;

- the company Kasa- Store, for the purposes of the applicability of the right of withdrawal in distance contracts as provided for by Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, informs the customer that the purchased goods shall be considered substantially intact, pursuant to art. 67 c.2 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.

-PICKUP WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF M&L DESIGN and the purchased goods must be intact and returned in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, cables, etc. ...); to limit damage to the original package, we recommend, when possible, to put it in a second box, on which to affix the RMA number (return authorization code) issued in response to the email sent to "M&L Design srl".

- The right of withdrawal is valid only for the article and the amount of the extra services requested (transport to the floor and assembly, withdrawal of old packaging, dismantling of existing furniture, etc.) will not be refunded, whether the customer has made use of them or if they could not be carried out due to problems not caused by M&L Design. 

-SHIPPING COSTS RELATED TO THE RETURN HAVE TO BE CALCULATED IN THE AMOUNT OF 20% of the value of the product including VAT, M&L Design srl will inform the customer of the approximate day of pickup. It will be with telephone notice by the courier. After the 3rd attempt to book a collection, the withdrawal request will lapse and any costs will be charged to the customer with an invoice issued by M&L Design. The costs for any failed collections due to problems not due to the courier will be charged to the customer by deducting them from the refund due. The collection must take place no later than 5 days from the communication of acceptance of the right of withdrawal and therefore of the RMA code

The value on which to calculate the refund amount is equal to the sum of the product value plus the standard shipping amount.

Examples of refunds for purchases with delivery in Europe:

1) item purchased for a value of €800

Delivery to France: €150

Total order: €950

Cost of withdrawal (20% of the product value + standard shipping): €190

Refund: €760

2) item purchased for a value of €800

transport with assembly €400 (of which €150 standard transport)

Order total: €1200

The calculation of the costs relating to the return shipping: €800+€150 = €950

20% of €950 = €190

Refund: €950-€190 = €760

Failure to collect due to problems not caused by the courier shall be charged to the customer by deducting it from the refund due. Pickup must take place no later than 5 days after notification of acceptance of the right of withdrawal, so of the RMA code.

The customer must deliver the product at the sidewalk, so on the truck, helping loading with more people. Porterage operations are not possible.

- in the event of damage to the goods not due to transport and therefore not reported beforehand, M&L Design will inform the Customer of what has happened (within 5 working days from receipt of the goods in its warehouses), 

the product will be made available to the Customer for its return, at the same time cancelling the request for withdrawal;

- Exceptions to the right of withdrawal:

-a supply of goods made to measure or clearly customised.

-Choice of colour or size variant different from the photo illustrated on the site (many products are customisable).

4. Without prejudice to any repair costs for ascertained damage to the original packaging and/or to the internal packaging (cellophane, boxes, etc.), M&L Design will refund the customer the amount of the returned goods after deducting the 20% as stated above, within 14 days from the return of the goods by means of a Bank Transfer.

5. In the event of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, M&L Design shall return the purchased goods to the sender, charging the latter for the shipping costs

10– Possible problems after delivery

It can happen that an item is damaged or lost during transport.

These events are extremely rare and it is easy to protect yourself: upon receipt, the customer must carefully check the goods and in case of anomaly sign the transport document specifying the reason for the anomaly. Our shipments are all covered by insurance but to access it the customer must follow the instructions below.

The conditions below vary depending on the courier used to ship the goods. They will be divided according to the name of the courier, which will be indicated both in the whatsapp message we send when the courier takes charge, and in the e-mail we send when the courier takes charge of the order (e-mail of delivery in progress). The latter will contain all the procedures for unloading and accepting the material.


Instructions valid for all couriers:

- Check the number of packages: if the number does not match the number on the transport document, note the missing package on the delivery note.

- Photograph the packages before opening.

- Open parcels with extreme care: especially if using knives or blades. Sharp objects used when opening packages are one of the main causes of damage and are not covered by the warranty as they are recognisable marks.

- Handle parcels with extreme care: in the case of bulky or particularly heavy parcels, ask for the help of a second person as couriers always travel in a single person (unless you have chosen the floor delivery option) and are not assigned to unload material with parcels weighing over 35 kg.


- Presence of anomalies during assembly: photograph the anomaly before completing assembly, then contact Customer Service to check how to proceed.

- Always keep the original packaging at least until assembly is complete. In case of replacement or return, the original packaging must be reused.

- Complaints reported in this way must be confirmed within 7 calendar days with:

-a letter addressed to the courier (whose address is indicated on the accompanying document) with the request to open a damage file

-an e-mail notification to [email protected] attaching together photos of the products and packaging.

Any report received after the above deadlines will not be taken into consideration for refund.

In case of damaged packages or materials, never refuse the goods, but accept them signing unchecked as per the following paragraph divided by courier, or our insurance won't be valid.

Instructions valid for GLS courier

Always collect the goods signing « unchecked », even in the case of undamaged packages.

Any reimbursement for hidden damage, i.e. without any recognised damage to the packaging as mentioned above, will be assessed following the photos received on [email protected] as without them it is very rare and almost impossible for the goods inside the packaging to be damaged.


Check the external condition of the parcels: if the packages show even the slightest dents, such as a torn or wet part of the box, it is mandatory to always accept the goods and sign with specific condition as indicated below:

- Always accept signing writing the condition of the parcel : torn - dented - wet - damaged - open or for suspicious internal noises

- In case of intact package: sign the document of the transporter (POD) by adding always manually the sentence "Goods unchecked"

Any refund for hidden damage, so without any recognised damage to the packaging as mentioned above, will be assessed following the photos received on [email protected] as without them it is very rare and almost impossible for goods inside the packaging to be damaged.

Instructions valid for TRAMO courier

Check the external condition of the parcels: if the packages show even the slightest dents, such as a torn or wet part of the box, it is mandatory to always accept the goods and sign with specific condition as indicated below:

- Always accept signing writing the condition of the parcel : torn - dented - wet - damaged - open or for suspicious internal noises

- In case of intact package: sign the document of the transporter (POD) by adding always manually the sentence "Goods unchecked"

If the receiver wants to open the packages and check the integrity of the products in the presence of the carrier, their driver is required to wait for the goods to be checked.

In the event of damage, so  if the goods are opened in the presence of the carrier, accept the goods by writing: "damaged material checked after unloading".

Any refund for hidden damage, so without any recognised damage to the packaging as mentioned above, will be assessed following the photos received on [email protected] as without them it is very rare and almost impossible for goods inside the packaging to be damaged.

Instructions valid for delivery to the floor and/or assembly

In the case of delivery to the floor only:

Check the external condition of the packages: if the packages have even the slightest dents such as a torn or wet corner of the box, it is compulsory to always collect the goods and sign indicating the conditions of the packages as indicated below:

-  Accept always signing writing the condition of the package for parcel : torn - dented - wet - damaged - open or for suspicious internal noises

- In case of intact package: sign the document of the transporter (POD) by adding always manually the sentence "Goods unchecked"

Any refund  for hidden damage, so without any recognised damage to the packaging as mentioned above, will be assessed following the photos received on [email protected] as without them it is very rare and almost impossible for goods inside the packaging to be damaged. This is valid only for Italy.

- Check unpacking operations.

In case of delivery to the floor and assembly:

- Check unpacking operations.
- As above and in case of damage to the material, it is necessary to photograph the affected part in detail before proceeding with any unpacking and assembly.

- It’s necessary to check the product also after the assembly and if there are damages or defects, please write strictly on the delivery note of the transporter, or it won’t be possible to ask refunds or replacements for damages or defects after transporter’s people left.

- Rejection of the order is not accepted even in the case of damaged goods. The fitter must however carry out the service if possible, if the damage is not structural but merely aesthetic.

-  We remind you that the people who make the assembly are not employees of our company but we use an external company.


The procedures described here do not in any way want to limit the warranty rights recognised to consumers by the Consumer Code (and explained in point 11), but only to create a common basis for offering each customer the best possible assistance.

We remind you that the replacement time is equal to the days it takes to prepare the article.

In case of damaged goods, transport to the floor and / or assembly is not a refundable service; the replacement piece will be delivered to the street level or if you want a new delivery to the floor and / or assembly, this service will be charged again.

If the purchase is made with cash on delivery, the product, even if damaged, must still be collected and paid to the courier. It will then be the task of M&L Design to assess the damage and carry out the above-mentioned practices in order to make the replacement. In case of rejection of the order, the costs of storage and return will be charged to the customer. This is valid only in Italy.

In the case of purchase with Paypal, if the goods arrive damaged, it will not be possible to open any claim or dispute on this method of payment, as it is the task of M&L Design to check the above-mentioned indications and to carry out the replacement under warranty in the same or similar times as the time of preparation of the order. If the claim file is opened during the operations of control and reordering of the material, the order of the damaged part will be blocked until the dispute is unblocked and the time will start from the closure of the dispute. These options will allow M&L Design to recover the above-mentioned sum through legal means, charging the costs to the customer, and only after the closure of the case will the order be released for the replacement of the material under warranty (if and only if the above-mentioned rules of goods receipt have been respected).

The latter (paypal) is also valid on shipments declared damaged directly by the courier with undelivered goods to benefit the customer in the disposal of the material. 

It will be up to the customer to dispose of the damaged material only after notification by M&L Design.

11 - Warranty e place of jurisdiction

In order to ensure high quality standards, the products have quality controls from M&L design srls before the sending. However, in case of inconveniences, the customer benefits of the legal warranty from the manufacturer of 24 months. To that guarantee shall be added the guaranteed "satisfied or refunded" of M&L design srls, valid until 30 days after the delivery, on condition that the product is used in a normal way and in compliance with the instructions explained in the documents attached to the products and in the relevant instruction manual.
In any case, the products sold benefit of the legal warranty for hidden defects provided in the articles 1641 and following of Civil Code.
Lastly, some products benefit of an extended warranty. In these cases, the way and the duration of the warranty will be specified in the warranty certificate delivered together with the product. This certificate doesn't cover damages and breakage or malfunctions caused by the non-compliance of precautions for use.
For activating the warranty, the customer send back the product to M&L design srls at its charge, sending together the original receipt of the order.
The product will be replaced by an identical production and sent at M&L design srls charge, except in case of non-availability or stopped production of the product. In this last case, M&L design srls will refund the price of the product to the customer.

The place of jurisdiction in case of disputes regarding both guarantee and all other possible discord remains in Italy more precisely in the Siena office.

12 - Privacy

M&L design srls is the owner of the datas collected at the registration of the website, and also datas communicated subsequently at the moment of the purchase from the customer, as exception done concerning the details of the payment; in this case details are sent to banks institutions through which the transaction is effected. For the information concerning the processing of personal datas, including the rights of art. 7 of  D. lgs. 196/03, reference is made to athe detailed information already supplied at the moment of registration on the website .

13 - Summer Break

Summer holiday closure from 01/08/2024  to 31/08/2024


We inform you that the shop M&L Design will be closed for summer holidays from 01/08/2024 to 31/08/2024. We confirm you that our customer service will be always at your disposal for any clarification you may need also during this period. The orders placed within 19/07/2024 will be sent within 01/08/2024 for the articles with the maximum production time of 1 working weeks, while for all other articles the real delivery time will be calculated from 01/09/2024.

14- Christmas Break

Christmas break from 08/12/24 ad from 20/12/2024 to 06/01/2025

The shop will be closed but the customer service will be always active

We inform you that the shop M&L Design will be closed for summer holidays from 20/12/2024 to 07/01/2025. We confirm you that our customer service will be always at your disposal for any clarification you may need also during this period. The orders placed within 09/12/2024 will be sent within 20/12/2024 for the articles with the maximum production time of 1 working weeks, while for all other articles the real delivery time will be calculated from 07/01/2025

15 - COVID-19

Decree of 09 March 2020

In relation to the ministerial decree of 09 March. orders received after this date will be taken over but may be delayed. We cannot currently quantify them, however we will try to process them within the 30-day extension as reported in paragraph 6 DELIVERY TIMES. We will update this article with every ministerial decree issued

Update 21/03/20

In relation to the new squeezes issued by the Ministry of Health and the Minister of the Council, we inform you that the delivery times for orders received from the aforementioned update date will start production from the reopening of the manufacturing companies, therefore at a date to be allocated based on the new dpcm

The portal will remain open for orders as well as our customer service which will carry out smart working.

Update on 30/10/20

Given the relentless recovery of the pandemic, we would like to point out that if a new look down is carried out both general and regional, orders may have delivery delays as by producing on the sold we do not have a certain warehouse with goods ready for delivery, so M&L design does not deems responsible for any delays not dependent on its work

Update 23/11/20

In relation to the pandemic and approaching Christmas, we warn that there will be possible delays or inefficiencies by couriers as they are overloaded with shipments and in reduced forces due to possible quarantine closures of their hubs or correspondents. Therefore the delivery times reported may vary by a few days and the multicolored products may also be delivered in multiple times.

Update 08/01/21

In relation to the pandemic, unfortunately there are difficulties in the worldwide supply of raw materials, so we inform you that orders are subject to delays of up to 3/4 months for imported items that are on the site with a production time from 25 working days.

Update 11/10/2021

Due to the difficulty in sourcing raw materials globally as a result of the current Covid-19 outbreak, we advise that the production of some materials may vary depending on their availability, so orders may vary in shipping up to 4 weeks. If the customer wishes to know an approximate date of shipment other than that stated on the portal, please contact us at [email protected]

Update 7/03/2022

Regarding the current worldwide situation regarding the crisis in the availability of raw materials due to the war in Ukraine we warn that the production of some materials may vary depending on their availability, as a result orders may be delayed in shipment for up to 4 weeks. Should the customer wish to know an approximate shipment date other than the one stated on the portal, please contact us at [email protected]