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  • Lyxo Hangar 60 bar counter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


    Hangar 60 bar counter by Lyxo available with HPL shelf, handwash kit and option with or without LED light suitable for both indoor and outdoor


    Dimensions in cms:

    Front counter: Width 149.5 - Depth 63.6 - Height 110

    Counter with handwash kit and perforated shelf: Width 149.5 - Depth 63.6 - Height 110

    Hpl shelf: Width 124 - Depth 54.7

    Material: Polyethylene

    Finishes: White - Blue

  • Lyxo Marvy bar counter with cocktail station and plexiglass bottle holder pocket


    Marvy bar counter by Lyxo with cocktail station and plexiglass bottle holder pocket. White LED lighting. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor


    Dimensions in cms:

    Counter: Width 150 - Depth 64 - Height 110

    Cocktail station: Width 150 - Depth 44 - Height 24.6

    Pocket: Width 70 - Depth 11.5 - Height 30

  • Lyxo Marvy display suitable for bars, nightclubs and pubs


    Marvy display available white LED light with cable or RGBW changes color thanks to the supplied remote control


    Dimensions in cm: Height 30 - Length 60 - depth 33

    Materials: Polyethylene

  • Slide Break Bar bright bar counter for your restaurant or garden also available with sides


    Illuminated bar counter made in Italy by Slide with 2 side panels included in the price, suitable for indoor and outdoor use such as nightclubs or private gardens.

    The bar counter also includes: Upper surface and glass worktop for the counter also included in the curves, steel sink including tap Dimensions: 45 x 45 h 20 cm

    Tubes: polypropylene plastic

    Drain valve/filter: stainless steel

    Seals: synthetic rubber, hot and cold water hose included


    Counter: Width 173 cm Depth 75 cm Height 110 cm

    Side both left and right: Width 85 cm Depth 85 cm Height 110 cm

  • Bartolomeo di Plust display in white polyethylene with lighting kit


    The Bartolomeo display was made by Plust in polyethylene and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Very solid and robust, it has an RGB LED light that changes both in intensity and in color controlled by a special command.

    Dimensions in cm: 80 x 50 H 150

  • Bartolomeo curved corner for bar counter Bartolomeo Desk in white polyethylene


    Curved detail for Bartolomeo Desk in white polyethylene. The detail includes RGB LED light and ground fixing kit

    Dimensions in cm: 75 x 75 H 110

  • Bartolomeo Desk bar counter by Plust in white polyethylene that can be combined with Bartolomeo...


    Bar counter made of white polyethylene with the possibility of adding the curve by choosing the bartolomeo corner product and it will be possible to install it on both sides. The counter is illuminated by an RGB led light with remote control included and ground fixing kit. You can add the bench extension in the standard version including a shelf

    Dimensions cm: 160 x 70 H 110

    Counter details:

    Adjustable feet, Fixing kit, Aluminum profile, Food grade PE worktop, 2 Stainless steel sinks, Drain plug, Tap, Food grade PE shelf with hole, 2 x Stainless steel icebox

    RGB light details:

    Polycarbonate shell, Seal, Remote control, Black cable, Cable length 500 cm

    Remote and light details:

    ON-OFF / Static color, Color sequence by pressing the Color sequence key, the RGB LED LIGHT emits a light that changes color in a gradient, with an automatic trend repeating the predefined sequence green, blue, fuchsia, red, yellow. Pressing + button in static color mode will increase light intensity, pressing + button in color sequence mode will increase color changing speed, pressing - button in static color mode will decrease light intensity by pressing button - in Color Sequence mode the color change speed will decrease

Garden bar counters

Kasa-Store a wide range of outdoor bar counters suitable for your garden or nightclub

If you were looking for a suitable piece of furniture for your garden , but above all to amaze your guests, we offer you the outdoor bar counter , suitable for spacious environments, where it will be possible to create a furnished corner like an outdoor bar . This beautiful complement is made with durable materials such as steel and resins suitable for weathering. In our store there are various models and types, in some there are one or more sinks , finished with a service plan , which will be higher than the work plan . The structure of the counter is called under the counter , and is used to contain a refrigerator , an ice machine or other appliances useful for organizing a cheerful happy hour

Outdoor bar counters to create your relaxing corner

With the arrival of summer , both individuals and clubs choose to design an outdoor corner bar . The garden bar counter is very beautiful and has an impact, but we must be careful of all the optionals that are inside. Being an external element it must be resistant to chemical agents , water , saline solutions , acids , alcohol and petrol . The materials used for its construction are suitable for making it used in the food sector . You will find on the market counters made of aluminum , masonry or other types of less practical materials. The most requested material is plastic because it is easy to clean , and they are simpler models, which have worktops , food trays , integrated refrigerator , ice maker and sink . This type of material is excellent for outdoors and having elements in translucent transparent polyethylene, you will have the possibility of having an illuminated garden bar counter for an incredible show

Garden bar furniture to enjoy everything outside

If you have enough space to put it, you can evaluate a classic bar cabinet or a modern-style garden bar counter . Only with the help of this piece of furniture , you can create an aperitif corner of great effect in the garden or on the terrace , making the most of the whole summer period . So you just have to choose the outdoor bar counter that goes very well with your existing furnishings.