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Soap dispenser

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Soap dispenser

A wide range of choice for design bathroom accessories

In our bathroom , in addition to the soap dish and toothbrush holder , we also need a liquid soap dispenser . Kasa-Store offers you countertop dispensers , suitable for a large surface sink , or the suspended soap dispenser models, so as not to clutter up the sink itself. If, for example, you have a modern bathroom , the suspended soap dispensers have a more contemporary design, but require installation with dowels and you will have to drill the tiles . If this were impossible, you can select the built- in dispensers that are installed by drilling holes in the sink, while if you want a vintage or retro style you can choose the countertop ones with a classic and timeless design . Soap dispensers are usually made with different materials, we go from the modern one in chromed metal to the one in ceramic or wood for a more classic design. Hodecor is important and it is precisely this that you can also buy glass soap dispensers in our catalog.

Personalize your bathroom making it pleasant and functional

The soap dispensers are design objects that give an extra touch to the bathroom furniture . You will find from the most classic to the most modern, made of various materials and thanks to the mix of designs, materials and colors you will be able to customize the sink area making it pleasant and very practical. Considering that it will be your pit stop before going out to dinner with friends or with your partner, you will need to have everything at hand without anything stopping you from shortening the preparation times. A real bathroom must be the mirror of those who live in it or use it as a private SPA . So combine the look with practicality and you'll have the best result.