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Unique and exclusive plexiglass objects, designed and designed to satisfy your every need

Are you thinking of an object that has to decorate your furniture or your living room? No problem, in our catalog you will find plexiglass objects that will amaze you and give a new face to your spaces. The list of products is very wide and you can find: Candelabra, plexiglass trays, plexiglass clocks, plexiglass cactus and many other objects that will be useful to give a strong character to your living room or bedroom.

Kasa-Store is committed daily to offering trendy items and looking for recycled or recyclable furnishing accessories in respect of nature and the environment

Our catalog is very varied and you can find everything, but we want to give you the opportunity to fully furnish your spaces, even with goodies that only we could offer you. Among these there are plexiglass mirrors and plexiglass mirrors that are truly works of art, where you can reflect and discover that the details are not to be underestimated. The bookcases, shelves and consoles are another suitable product to keep your spaces in order and to give a sense of organization and care for your home. So do not doubt these products because everything is produced in Italy which is always synonymous with quality and is always a guarantee. An environment such as a living room or a bedroom seems bare without a touch of a complement or an ornament so if you do not want this you can choose from dozens of ideas how to best furnish it with high design products that do not fear both environments in style or modern. Their transparency makes everything seem larger and more spacious because they are not like ceramic, wood or other materials but have the ability to be very beautiful and give reflected lighting.

Some notions

Plexiglass is a material that has been used since 1933. In 1936 the first acrylic sheet was produced by the English ICI Acrylics and was called Perspex, from the Latin "I see through" used for aircraft domes. Very transparent, more than glass, and with the property of being more or less unbreakable. Precisely for these characteristics it is also used in the manufacture of safety glass, in accident prevention devices, and in furnishing or architectural objects in general. The PMMA in casting can be recycled: through the distillation process of production waste, the MMA base monomer is re-obtained, which can be polymerized again and used instead of glass, in fact it has a breaking point higher than glass and lower than polycarbonate. Much more tender and sensitive to scratches and abrasions but can be easily removed thanks to specific polish. Therefore a safety material suitable even in the presence of children and can also be placed in kindergartens or schools