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  • My Light rechargeable table lamp by Lyxo with remote control


    Rechargeable table lamp for indoors and outdoors made of polyethylene by Lyxo suitable for restaurants, hotels and gardens


    Dimensions in cm: Height 20 – Diameter 14

    Features: RGBW kit with rechargeable batteries and remote control you can change color

  • Lyxo Tea Light rechargeable table lamp with led light


    Tea Light outdoor and indoor lamp by Lyxo produced in Italy


    Dimensions in cm: Height 14 - Width 14.5 - Depth 22

    Features : RGBW kit with rechargeable batteries and remote control you can change color

  • La Seggiola Tinber illuminated hanger in polypropylene


    Polypropylene coat stand with internal lighting suitable for modern environments such as living rooms or night clubs


    Tail caps: Acid green 86

    Structure: Neutral polypropylene 98 including light kit (indoor only)

    Measurements: Height 170 cm - Width 40 cm - Depth 43 cm

  • Seletti Heart Lamp applique in porcelain depicting an anatomical heart


    Heart Lamp wall lamp by Seletti with structure in porcelain designed by Marcantonio


    Dimensions in cm: Width 22 - Height 32 - Depth 11 - cable length 2 m

    Materials: Porcelain

    Finishing: White

  • Vesta Wall World plexiglass wall lamp available in two sizes and variety of light


    Wall World wall lamp by Vesta in the shape of a planisphere, made of plexiglass available with warm or cold light and in two sizes. Cable length 1.5m


    Dimensions in cms:

    Large: Width 200 - Height 100

    Small: Width 120 - Height 60

    Materials: Plexiglas

    Finishes: Warm light - Cold light

    More transparent than glass even in high thicknesses.

    Very light: it weighs half of a glass plate of similar dimensions.

    Weather resistant.

    Unbreakable: it is 15 times more resistant to impact than a sheet of glass.

    Does not create optical distortions.


    It resists temperatures up to 80-85°C


    Use a soft cloth with glass cleaning products (provided they do not contain alcohol or abrasives). Light scratches can be removed using liquid polish and a soft microfibre cloth.

  • Seletti Rio Lamp table lamp made by Marcantonio


    Rio Lamp table lamp by Seletti made of resin by Marcantonio, led lamp included, cable length 2.5mt for internal use only


    Dimensions in cm: Width 42 - Height 25 - Depth 34

    Materials: Resin

    Finishing: White

  • Seletti Daily Glow Shopper dimmable led table lamp


    Seletti Daily Glow Shopper table lamp in the shape of a shopping bag


    Dimensions in cm: Height 18.5 - Width 12 - Depth 7.5

    Materials: Resin

    Finishing: White

    USB technology - 3.7V / 2600Ma

    Charge duration: 20h at maximum power - 120h at minimum power

    Full charge: 6 hours

  • Driftwood lamp by Ideal lux made of wood


    Wooden floor lamp suitable for living room, bedroom and hotel


    Dimensions in cms:

    width 28 x height 156 x depth 28


    Metal frame

    Decorative elements with natural wood branches

    Diffuser in pvc foil covered with canvas fabric

    Lamp type: E27 max 2 x 60W

  • Plywood Chandelier suspension lamp by Horm innovation and technology


    Chandelier composed of a lampshade made with a material created and patented by Horm composed of a sandwich of wood (Canaletto walnut) and fabric with a thickness of 2.2 mm which, thanks to surface incisions made with laser cutting, is folded like an origami . Fixing to the ceiling using a steel plate and adjustable steel suspension wires.


    Dimensions in cm: Width 101 - Depth 40 - Lampshade height 31

    Materials: Wood

    Finishes: Walnut

  • Pirate table lamp by Cilek


    Table lamp for bedroom desks suitable for young travellers



    Width: 27cm - Height: 49cm - Depth: 27cm


    Decorated wooden structure covered with leather parts

  • Granny suspension lamp by Casamania


    Granny by Casamania the suspension lamp covered in wool


    red with black cord

    white with red cord

    gray with gray cord


    Dimensions in cm: Diameter 35 - Height 38

    Finishes: white - red - grey

    Typology Suspension lamp in wool

    Materials: In fabric, in wool

    Designer: Pudelskern


    To produce it, large woven wool threads are used, produced by a small Tyrolean family business

    The threads are then hand woven by a collective of Dutch workers


    Lampshade made with thick hand-woven wool threads

    Wool, fireproof and resistant to humidity, a natural anti-moth and anti-mite treatment is applied

    Light bulb not included

    We recommend the use of a compact fluorescent bulb 60W MAX or LED bulb with E27 socket

  • Oru F25 suspension lamp by Fabbian Japanese inspiration


    Suspension lamp with painted bent metal diffuser available in two models: 1) externally in black and internally in various finishes; 2) burnished externally and polished internally. Light bulb not included


    Dimensions in cms:

    Model 1: Diameter 56 - height 31.8 - rosette diameter 12.3

    Model 2: Diameter 80 - height 45 - rosette diameter 12.3

    Materials: Metal


    Model 1: Black/Red - Black/Green - Black/Petroleum

    Model 2: Copper


    Voltage 220-240V

    Light source E27 1x22w

    Max Watts 150W

    TRIAC dimming


    MODEL 2

    Voltage 220-240V

    Light source E27 3x22W

    Max Watts 3x150W

    TRIAC dimming


  • Olympic table lamp by Fabbian with circular diffuser, linear and simple design


    Table lamp with circular diffuser is available in one size with LED strip along its entire length and concrete base. LED, dimmable electronic ballast included


    Dimensions in cm: Diffuser diameter Ø62.6 - Height 63.8 - base diameter Ø11

    Materials: Aluminum

    Diffuser finishes: White - Bronze

  • Turny table lamp structure in abs diffuser in PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate)


    Portable and rechargeable table lamp in ABS. The LED source is highly efficient. Turny integrates a touch dimming system. LED, Charger, USB cable, Battery included


    Dimensions in cm: Diameter Ø9 - Height 18

    Materials: lamp body base in ABS - Diffuser in PMMA

    Finishes: Anthracite gray - White - Purple red - Antique pink - Sand beige - Grass green - Amalfi blue

    USB supply voltage 5V

    1x2.5W LED light source

    Lumens 225lm

    Color temperature 3000K

    CRI 85+

    TOUCH dimming

    IP IP54

  • Amulette Art suspension lamp by Fabbian also available on the wall in various finishes


    Dimmable lamp consisting of an extra-clear crystal diffuser with hammered edges with a brushed metal frame painted in gold, pink gold and anthracite. The electrification is at mains voltage for LEDs. Available both suspended and wall mounted, Led and power supply included


    Dimensions in cms:

    Glass Diffuser Measurements: 10 - 26 cm

    Diffuser thickness: 2 cm

    Rose window measurements: 10 - 8 - 2 cm

    Wire length: Min 15 cm - Max 200 cm

    Materials: Glass and Metal

    Voltage: 220-240V

    Light Source: LED 1 x 5W 2700/3000K

    IP: IP20

    Finishes: Gold - Pink gold - Anthracite

  • Acustica F58 suspension lamp by Fabbian available in various sizes and finishes


    Suspension lamp with sound absorption properties. The diffuser is in recycled PET, the structure is in black anodized aluminum and the diffuser is in PMMA. The lampshade can be tilted, the light source is central and fixed. Available in two sizes and in various finishes


    Dimensions in cms:

    Diameter 90 - Height 9 - cable length min 20 - max 400 - Rosette diameter 18 - Height 7

    Diameter 120 - Height 11 - cable length min 20 - max 400 - Rosette diameter 18 - Height 7

    Materials: recycled PET - Aluminum - PMMA

    Finishes: Ocean - Coral - Cement - Grass Green - Honey


    Voltage 220-240V

    Light source LED 1x18W


    Color temperature 3000K


    Dimming 1..10V


  • Enck wall lamp by Fabbian with die-cast aluminum structure


    Wall/ceiling lamp with structure in white painted die-cast aluminium, formed by two interlocking shells. Quick coupling designed to obtain maximum ease of assembly. Led included


    Dimensions in cm: Width 30 - Depth 22 - Thickness 6

    Materials: Aluminum

    Finishes: White

    Voltage 220-240V

    4x4.5W LED light source

    Color temperature 3000K


    TRIAC dimming


  • Modern and essential Braga Orchestra wall lamp


    Adjustable wall light with chromed details for interiors suitable for any Led bulb with E27 socket. Light bulb not included


    Dimensions in cm: Diameter 12 - Height 24

    Materials: Metal

    Finishes: Chromed

  • Papavero ceiling lamp by Martinelli Luce available in various sizes and finishes


    Ceiling/wall lamp with diffused light, aluminum structure painted in mint green, yellow and poppy red. Internal diffuser in white opal methacrylate. LED light source and integrated power supplies. In two dimensions


    Dimensions in cms:

    Diameter 50 - Depth 12

    Diameter 30 - Depth 10

    Materials: Aluminum structure - White opal methacrylate diffuser

    Finishes: Red - Yellow - Green

    Diameter 30:

    Watts: 16W

    Lumens: 2190lm

    Light Source: led

    CRI: >80

    Duration: 50000h

    CCT: 2700K

    Diameter 50:

    Watts: 38W

    Lumens: 5000lm

    Light Source: led

    CRI: >80

    Duration: 50000h

    CCT: 2700K

  • Dia floor lamp by Martinelli Luce, minimalist and with a slender shape


    Two powerful LEDs can be activated to function as a direct or indirect spotlight or both. Structure in glass and painted aluminum. Plug-in power supply, diffused emission type


    Dimensions in cm: Height 183 - Diameter 29

    Material: Aluminum structure - Glass diffuser

    Finishes: Black

    Watts: 25W

    Lumens: 2040lm

    Light Source: led

    CRI: >80

    Duration: 50000h

    CCT: 3000K

  • Avro suspension lamp by Martinelli elegant and essential light


    Suspension lamp providing direct/diffused light with dimmable LED source. Structure in painted aluminum in the colors orange, blue and white. Dimmable electronic ballast inside the ceiling rosette. Available as an accessory to the lamp a table power strip equipped with three 230V schuko and two USB, max power 2.3KW


    Dimensions in cm: Diameter 60 - Height 25 - Cable length 3.5 m

    Materials: Aluminum structure - Methacrylate diffuser

    Finishes: White - Orange - Blue

    Watts: 36W

    Lumens: 5000lm

    Light Source: led

    CRI: >80

    Duration: 50000h

    CCT: 3000K

    Energy Class: D

    Power supply: included

    Power supply assembly: internal

    Power supply: electronic ballast


    Voltage: 230V

  • Bijou floor lamp by Fabbian available in three different finishes


    Bijou is the floor lamp made in Italy by Fabbian to illuminate high design environments


    Dimensions in cms:

    base: 30 x 30

    diffuser height: 27

    total height: 189

    diffuser diameter: 16

    Lamp: E27 220-240V / 1x 13W LED

  • Ovalino suspension lamp by Ideal lux available with 5 or 8 lights


    Ovalino is the suspension lamp made of curved glass by Ideal lux available with 5 or 8 lights suitable for living rooms and bedrooms


    5 LIGHTS

    Measurements in cm: diameter 44 x minimum height 28 / maximum height 120

    Lamp type: E27 max 5 x 60W

    Protection: IP20


    Measurements in cm: diameter 55 x minimum height 28 / maximum height 120

    Lamp type: E27 max 8 x 60W

    Protection: IP20

  • Ovalino wall lamp by Ideal Lux in curved glass


    Oval applique in curved glass suitable for living room, kitchen, bedrooms or corridor


    Dimensions in cm: width 34 x height 17 x depth 18

    Lamp type: E27 max 2 x 60W

    Protection: IP20

Lighting: lamps to illuminate the interior of the house

Safety, functionality, elegance: these are the main criteria that articles intended for lighting must meet. The aim is to combine practicality and beauty, and to make domestic spaces more comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

The catalog that kasa-store offers you is made up of top quality lamps , designed to illuminate small and large rooms and to enhance every single piece of furniture with their light. A vast range of models, with an essential but refined design, authentic decorative objects and a source of extraordinary comfort. Give a touch of class to your home: choose our products for indoor lighting!

How to combine savings and high performance with kasa-store supplies

On our site there is a wide assortment of devices, made by real professionals in the sector and specially designed to combine very high performances with a considerable possibility of savings. We offer you lamps manufactured according to the most advanced technologies, in order to limit consumption and eliminate any waste of energy. Adequate lighting can transform an ordinary home into a welcoming, intimate and hospitable home: a place to reunite with loved ones, and let body and mind rest. Even better if such a result can be achieved without any expenditure, and in full respect of nature and the ecosystem. Remember that the complements of our e-commerce are built with green and ecological materials, and combine resistance and aesthetics with skill.

An extensive and transversal selection of lighting items

Do you need table, ceiling or wall lamps? On kasa-store you will undoubtedly find what is right for you. Pure and linear shapes, geometric architectures, capable of blending with the rest of the furnishings with an effect of total harmony. Correctly lighting a home means providing for the psychophysical well-being of the tenants, and promoting any type of indoor activity - relaxation, study, work. Even cleaning will be more pleasant with the right lighting! We provide you with products with an unmistakable style, designed to embellish living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms and so on and so forth. Pendant lamps, floor lamps, fine appliqués, magnificent chandeliers: which solution do you prefer for the comfort of your home environment? Do you want a soft, romantic and magical light, or a more intense and lively one (but obviously never annoying)? Let us know what you prefer, we are ready to meet every need.

A complete catalog for all needs

If you love contemporary lighting devices, here is for example the wonderful Didodado lamp with a sturdy metal structure and PMMA diffuser. Its surface alone shines, even when the light is off! And what about the spectacular Volt with copper finish, so sophisticated in its simplicity? Or Daedalus, in wrought iron with a cane weaving lampshade? The perfect option if you want a model that winks at vintage without giving up a pinch of modernity! If you like minimal and original wall lamps, take a look at the eclectic Moris in metal and blown glass. Delicate and solid at the same time, a true masterpiece of interior design. To say the least, Touch is also unique, similar in all respects to a bare light bulb, which can be purchased in the chromed or white enamelled version. You will adjust the intensity of the light with a light touch on the coating! Magic is a suspension lamp complete with chain and rosette, and will give you the feeling of walking through the corridors of a sumptuous castle; Tender is an exclusive and colorful ceiling light, which instills joy just by looking at it. Articles for home lighting extremely varied in materials, shades, shapes and sizes, molded to imitate the appearance of ampoules, crystal balls, street lamps, skittles, sneakers, and - yes! - of human feet.

A serious, fast and professional service

The kasa-store products meet all the requirements related to longevity, quality, refinement, comfort. Safe and convenient solutions, suitable for any private and public context. Ceiling and ceiling lamps, wall lamps, to be placed on the ground or on the desk: we are waiting for you to choose the most suitable model with you!