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Lighting: lamps to illuminate the interior of the house

Safety, functionality, elegance: these are the main criteria that items intended for lighting must meet. The aim is to combine practicality and beauty, and to make domestic spaces more comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

The catalog that kasa-store offers you is made up of top quality lamps, designed to illuminate small and large rooms and to enhance every single piece of furniture with their light. A wide range of models, with an essential but refined design, authentic decorative objects and a source of extraordinary comfort. Give your home a touch of class: choose our indoor lighting products!

How to combine savings and high performance with kasa-store supplies

On our site there is a wide assortment of devices, made by real professionals in the sector and specially designed to blend very high performances with a considerable saving possibility. We offer lamps manufactured according to the most advanced technologies, in order to limit consumption and eliminate any waste of energy. Adequate lighting can transform an ordinary home into a welcoming, intimate and hospitable home: a place to get together with loved ones, and let the body and mind rest. Even better if such a result can be achieved without any expenditure, and in full respect of nature and the ecosystem. Remember that the accessories of our e-commerce are built with green and ecological materials, and masterfully combine resistance and aesthetics.

An extensive and transversal selection of lighting items

Do you need table, ceiling and wall lamps? On kasa-store you will undoubtedly find what is right for you. Pure and linear forms, geometric architectures, capable of blending with the rest of the furniture with an effect of total harmony. Properly lighting a home means providing for the psychophysical well-being of the tenants, and encouraging any type of indoor activity - relaxation, study, work. Even cleaning will be more pleasant with the right lighting! We provide you with products with an unmistakable style, designed to embellish living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms and so on and so forth. Pendant lamps, floor lamps, precious appliqués, magnificent chandeliers: which solution do you prefer for the comfort of your home environment? Do you want a soft, romantic and magical light, or a more intense and lively (but obviously never annoying) light? Let us know what you prefer, we are ready to meet every need.

A complete catalog for all needs

If you love contemporary lighting devices, here is the wonderful Didodado lamp with a sturdy metal structure and PMMA diffuser. Its surface alone shines, even when the light is off! And what about the spectacular Volt with copper finish, so sophisticated in its simplicity? Or by Daedalus, in wrought iron with a cane braided lampshade? The perfect option if you want a model that winks at vintage without giving up a pinch of modernity! If you like minimal and original wall lamps, take a look at the eclectic Moris in metal and blown glass. Delicate and solid at the same time, a true interior design masterpiece. To say the least, Touch is also unique, similar in all respects to a naked light bulb, available in the chrome or enameled white version. You will be able to adjust the intensity of the light with a light touch on the upholstery! Magic is a suspension lamp complete with a chain and canopy, and it will give you the feeling of walking through the corridors of a sumptuous castle; Tender is an exclusive and colorful ceiling light, which gives joy just to look at it. Extremely varied household lighting items in materials, shades, shapes and sizes, shaped to mimic the appearance of ampoules, crystal balls, street lamps, skittles, sneakers, and - yes! - of human feet.

A serious, fast and professional service

The kasa-store products meet all the requirements related to longevity, quality, refinement, comfort. Safe and convenient solutions, suitable for any private and public context. Ceiling and ceiling lamps, wall lamps, to be placed on the ground or on the desk: we are waiting for you to choose the most suitable model with you!

Now you can change your home lighting. Kasa-store gives you the opportunity to choose among a wide variety of lighting systems for indoor or outdoor, classic or designful to animate your home with low lights or art lighting. Make your house different, choose our lighting system that are available on our ecommerce.

What is the lighting?

Lighting  is the use of light to obtain a particular aesthetic effects. We can use natural or artificial lighting sources at different levels (illumination) to light up a particular object.  This technique is called illuminating engineering and can be split up into direct light, indirect light, semi-direct light,  Light without shades, shadowless light