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Modern wall lamps: design for home lighting

Would you like to embellish the rooms in your home with designer wall lamps, designed to blend in perfectly with any type of furniture? Then take a look at kasa-store's extensive and varied catalogue of high-quality, solid and elegant models!

Lighting devices that differ in style, shades, shapes and sizes, but all made from durable materials and with fine, clean lines. Excellent workmanship, some simpler, some more distinctive. A real touch of class for any home.

A wide selection of sumptuous and refined wall lamps

If you are a lover of refined and majestic accessories, we offer a wide range of wall lamps that are sure to please your taste. We present, for example, the splendid Bloom, sophisticated in its metal structure enhanced by a magnificent play of light and shadow. The glass diffuser provides an ornamental effect that is nothing short of remarkable, and there are many possible finishes that are all equally beautiful. Equally wonderful is Magic, whose name reflects its beauty and decidedly fairytale-like appearance. A polished and shiny globe in polycarbonate with a copper shade, a new frontier in the field of aesthetics.

Exclusive contemporary lamps

Perhaps you prefer modern wall lamps whose minimalist architecture is combined with extraordinary practicality and incredible comfort? Then take a look at the Volt collection, made of metal and copper, which includes lighting products with essential character and attention to detail. The same goes for the fantastic Murales wall light in galvanised, powder-coated steel, understated and designed to brighten up even the largest of rooms. Also in the same category are the box-shaped lamps, which are light, handy and easy to install. And let's not forget the model called Radio, the functional light bulb that attracts attention with its well thought-out balance.

Originality and versatility with lamps from kasa-store

Our assortment includes design wall lamps that are different from the usual, and which will paint an expression of pleasant surprise on your guests' faces! We're talking about structures shaped like human hands, which hold light globes and light bulbs between their fingers. Expect the most sincere compliments from your friends on such a choice. And what about the ethnic Daedalus, with its woven cane shade, and the wild Chalet with its faithful reproduction of deer antlers? Perfect options for cottages and mountain cabins, blending rusticity and elegance. One of our highlights is the Lucifero series of 'square lamps', depicting male and female characters suspended between lucid reality and the dream world. How to revolutionise domestic spaces with unique, experimental items that combine lighting and portraiture and look like genuine works of art!

Sustainable and durable wall lamps

At kasa-store we attach importance not only to aesthetics, but also - of course - to convenience. We select modern, classic or industrial wall lamps made of top-quality materials that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, using ecological processes and non-toxic paints. Every single device is 100% tested before being put on the market, guaranteeing the total safety of your home. All furnishings must be designed to promote the well-being and health of the occupants, and lamps are no exception! Advanced technologies to determine maximum savings and limit consumption as much as possible, without affecting overall performance. Products made in Italy, environmentally friendly, durable, robust, easy to clean. What more do you want?

Contact the kasa-store team for any doubts or needs.

We at kasa-store are always ready to provide you with the necessary assistance, thanks to our long experience in the sector and a serious, fast and efficient service. We offer our customers beautiful designer wall lamps, the result of the skilled hands and inventiveness of master craftsmen. We follow the highest standards to combine refinement, comfort and solidity: meticulous decoration, smooth and homogeneous surfaces, durable structures. Which item do you prefer for your home?

The modern wall lamps are  characterized by a captivating style and light up a space with elegance and creativity, they are different from the old style lamps. The wall lamps are combinable with our items and have been realized in order to add a touch of style to a modern furniture. This is only one version of the available lighting systems that you can find taking a look at our website: you can find lamps made of crystal or  blown glass. The materials used to realize the frames are: metal, chromed  metal, painted metal, brushed steel, aluminium,  drawn aluminium polished with a cloth. The diffusers are made of white, transparent, colourful,  curved glass, jacketed, pyrex glass, polished crystal, polycarbonate, Murano glass manually decorated. The indoor wall lamps are realized in compliance with the EU standards and often have low energy consumption lights.