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Wooden Chairs Catalogue: Modern or Classic Design?

Beech, oak, ash, pine. Essences of European origin, dried and processed following the artisan tradition. Wood is nature, the perfect element for creating both traditional furnishings and increasingly original and modern projects. Wooden chairs are certainly the product with which designers and productions can express their creativity to the fullest, remaining in harmony with the environment. For this reason, on it is possible to consult a complete catalog of wooden chairs and tables in which styles and finishes meet the various furnishing needs.


The different expressions of wood

Wood, synonymous with rustic and classic, thanks to its warm colors is always very appropriate in refined and sophisticated environments. Modern wooden chairs or chairs with classic style wooden armrests can be customized with important fabrics and become perfect for the living area. Rustic chairs, on the other hand, satisfy the more practical needs of a traditional kitchen or tavern. To obtain new aesthetic effects and further enhance spaces, it is possible to create unusual combinations between designer wooden chairs and technical materials, such as polypropylene or concrete.


Contract furniture

Wide choice and quality are equally important requirements when it comes to commercial activities. For restaurants and public venues, solid wood chairs in particular are designed and tested to offer superior resistance performance. Rustic or modern, the models intended for contract use become a way to create spaces with a strong personality with the certainty of timeless quality.