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Bathroom accessories a world of chrome for your intimate space

How to choose the right accessory for the bathroom from a thousand proposals and prices

Let's start from the point of view that the bathroom is not complete without bathroom accessories . Aside from the kitchen or bedroom , the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. If you think about it, it's where you bathe, shower, shave, put on make-up, while relaxing. It is also the room where you can show yours and your intimacy . If the bathroom is furnished with the right design , all their components and accessories will contribute to practicality, allowing you to carry out every activity with extreme ease and functionality. During the design phase you will surely think about which bathroom accessories to choose . Kasa-store always has the turning point for your design doubts. We have many options, which will help you find the right accessories for your bathroom without being a drama or a commitment. Let's see below which are the best

What types of bathroom accessories can I put?

As you may have seen, there are many types of products around, but there are some tricks that every person needs to know. For example, they range from hanging or countertop ones, or the finishes that are very important, in fact they must be powder coated or chromed to have maximum strength and durability . It is known that there is a lot of humidity in the bathroom and we have to buy high quality products and not the usual imported items

Toothbrush holder and soap dish

Practical and functional bathroom accessories , toothbrush holders and soap dishes help keep your bathroom clean and tidy. They are both cheap and easy to install. They're also available in a range of finishes and designs , so you're sure to find options that suit your bathroom design. Let's try to be clearer and more specific as we like. What is the best material for bathroom accessories? Bathroom accessories are produced in different materials. Let's go.

Stainless steel bathroom accessories

This type of material needs no introduction because it is used to make many household items. The peculiarity of stainless steel is precisely that of resisting rust for a long time. This feature makes it optimal for choosing your bathroom accessories. Stainless steel is combined with other materials and finishes to create a sleek , modern design. Also you can consider aluminum bathroom accessories which are very easy to clean and always forming part of modern items

Brass bathroom accessories

We at kasa-store know very well that brass is the most used material for making bathroom accessories. All this because, it is versatile , robust , and durable . This brings added value to the accessories and ensure that they are long lasting and able to withstand the battle against wear and tear. It too is resistant to rust because it contains a low amount of iron . So it doesn't get intimidated by splashes or continuous passage of water

Aluminum bathroom accessories

This type of material is a great competitor to stainless steel as they are both resistant to water and therefore also to rust. Aluminum bathroom accessories are recommended for people living in areas with high salinity , such as coastal regions . Furthermore, being very light , it is also used to make: shelves , towel rails , taps and trays . The only flaw of this material if placed in the bathroom is that it may not rust but has a tendency to corrode over time through oxidation . This process can be avoided by giving it attention and care

Plastic bathroom accessories

Plastic bathroom accessories are undoubtedly the cheapest . We offer them in a wide range of shapes and colors. If you have a limited budget , plastic is a poor material , and without neglecting its design, you can buy design products with the right balance between quality and price . Many people buy bathroom accessories to furnish bathrooms in holiday homes or to rent them out. They are particularly suitable for school bathrooms or children 's homes because they are unbreakable and do not run the risk of accidents .

Chrome bathroom accessories

Chrome is a very suitable finish for bathroom accessories. This type of galvanic treatment is used for most accessories ranging from: shower heads , toothbrush holders, taps and mixers and is very common in bathrooms all over the world. Chrome bathroom accessories are very suitable because chrome is a worthy companion of durability and does not scratch or scratch . Thanks to the glossy surface it will make the light reflect and brighten up your space.

The right styling for bathroom accessories

The bathroom may seem like a secondary room but we must remember that it is the place where we wash and take care of ourselves. So we would like to suggest you buy products that match tiles and sanitary ware to make it more similar to a real SPA . Thanks to the bathroom items, you can have a wide range of finishes such as chrome or ral to give a touch of modernity or vintage , combining everything with a wooden bathroom mirror or a LED lighted mirror . Rightly so if you prefer a modern style we recommend the chrome or steel finish and also aluminum while if you like vintage there are also ceramic and shabby chic ones