Uto Balmoral

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Uto Balmoral

Phrase from a world-famous designer

I don't believe in design I believe in ideas Uto Balmoral it's not me, Uto Balmoral is the first virtual designer, a character created to be himself a product of the designer's project

Story of a designer

Uto Balmoral made his debut in 2011 with the Maybe/Forse exhibition at the DAAL Gallery in the Ventura area during the Design Week. He presented the limited series collection of “Unstables” tables and The Putrella's Connection lamps. He collaborates with Italian and foreign companies including Tonelli Design , Officinanove, D3CO, Luce 5, Seletti, Tonelli, Atipico and many more. Its products have become iconic in the world of interior furnishings such as the GUMMY SNOOPING LAMP, Grace lamp and Wonder lamp, before moving on to Mogg accessories such as Phil, ikebana, cementino and Ella. A sculptor of works of art that have made the history of Italian design and still today with his projects continues to amaze the whole world