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Design umbrella stand

The designer umbrella stands you've been looking for for a long time

Umbrella stands are usually found outside your home or office door. So when we buy an umbrella stand it is a fundamental choice because it will be our business card. There are modern or stylish ones and they are not only used to store umbrellas , but they must be used to furnish our entrance or living room . Imagine not having it. When you come home after a rainy day, you risk wetting the floor and leaving your umbrella on the floor which will surely get it dirty. Thus, you will end up ruining the floor . You can also risk making your neighbor slip because of the wet floor. The umbrella stand is designed precisely to keep the umbrella upright and usually have a water tray. Kasa-Store offers you the best selection of umbrella stands on the market and only here you will find the one especially for you. Among the various models, the one that stands out the most is the umbrella stand in the shape of a shark , very nice and made by Qeeboo for whimsical and eclectic environments

Functional and high quality umbrella stand

If we look at their functionality , an umbrella stand is used to neatly store your umbrellas. This type of piece of furniture has been designed not to form puddles of water on your landing or in your restaurant , as well as maximizing the space without having mountains of stacked umbrellas. The product has proved to be very comfortable and functional and we all own one. Thanks to its success, umbrella stands have come into the sights of manufacturers, who have created more or less classic objects, creating designer umbrella stands that are sometimes even very expensive . The new trend is to produce them in various materials such as: wooden umbrella stands, copper umbrella stands, plexiglass umbrella stands, steel umbrella stands and many other types of products such as ceramic umbrella stands . The finishes are attributed to each material and there are colored umbrella stands, transparent umbrella stands or striped umbrella stands

Umbrella stand a comfortable and indispensable object

Functional objects that transform into design items that will amaze you with extravagant shapes and bright colors. From Seletti and Qeeboo and other important brands in the sector, we range from the vintage style to the more modern and ironic . Let yourself be guided by the best design proposed and signed by top international brands . Make your entrance unique with Kasa-Store , carefully choosing the one that best reflects your person or character