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Plexiglass lighting

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  • Vesta Wall World plexiglass wall lamp available in two sizes and variety of light


    Wall World wall lamp by Vesta in the shape of a planisphere, made of plexiglass available with warm or cold light and in two sizes. Cable length 1.5m


    Dimensions in cms:

    Large: Width 200 - Height 100

    Small: Width 120 - Height 60

    Materials: Plexiglas

    Finishes: Warm light - Cold light

    More transparent than glass even in high thicknesses.

    Very light: it weighs half of a glass plate of similar dimensions.

    Weather resistant.

    Unbreakable: it is 15 times more resistant to impact than a sheet of glass.

    Does not create optical distortions.


    It resists temperatures up to 80-85°C


    Use a soft cloth with glass cleaning products (provided they do not contain alcohol or abrasives). Light scratches can be removed using liquid polish and a soft microfibre cloth.

  • Carioca Iplex Design suspension lamp with plexiglass shade

    €75.00 €301.00

    Iplex Design Carioca suspension lamp with colored plexiglass lampshade. Light dresses in colour


    Dimensions in cm: Width 30 - Depth 30 - Height 38

    Materials: 100% Plexiglas

    Finishes: Red - Ocean - Yellow - Green Bottle - White - Transparent

  • Vittoriale Small Plexiglass Candelabra by Iplex Design 5 laser shaped arms

    €47.00 €96.00

    Renaissance style candelabra with 5 laser-cut arms in Plexiglass (PMMA). Available in two finishes


    Dimensions in cm: Height 33 - Width 25 - Depth 25

    Materials: Plexiglas

    Finishes: Transparent black - Transparent

  • Magellano plexiglass table lamp by Iplex

    €184.00 €438.00

    Lamp made with 100% virgin polymer plexiglass with illuminated globe


    Dimensions in cm: diameter 30 × depth 35 × height 37

    Features: Indoor table lamp

Plexiglass manufacturers have always dedicated themselves to the lighting part

The Plexiglas components are completed with exposed cables or rods in order to hang from the structure itself and, today these can be re-proposed by adapting them to the most modern technologies, such as low voltage or LED lamps, giving space to creativity with modern design models. or old style. Part of the lighting fixture, the Plexiglass component is the added value, obtained with the collaboration of architects and skilled craftsmen to the mass production of lighting fixtures suitable to amaze any person who sees them.

For example the appliques

In addition to being a piece of furniture and decoration, it is an indispensable light source to create a soft and very inviting atmosphere suitable for living rooms or bedrooms. Alternative components to chandeliers create a pleasant environment, improving the lighting and lifestyle that will seem lighter and very green

A new lighting concept to change the face of domestic spaces. The importance of the right lighting of your spaces will give added value if coordinated with the right furnishings

Your furniture can have a greater prominence thanks to a strategic light point. A space must be dressed in all its details, exactly as you would when you are looking for refinements when you dress up and always look for the highlight. Remember that plexiglass thanks to its transparency emanates a 360 ° light and you can fully illuminate your living room or any other space in your home or hotel. The intensity of the light creates the right atmosphere of an environment: for example, a cold light is more impactful and you can prepare your lunch without having to visually strain. Choosing the right lighting will increase your ego and you just have to browse our catalog letting yourself be inspired by the solutions that will give more personality to your spaces.

Mixing styles with plexiglass lighting is not a problem

Thanks to its transparency it does not need to be imposed as modern or classic as it is very neutral. Small pearls of design that are always original and produced with top quality materials and respecting nature and the whole green. Many of these lighting bodies are fitted with low consumption or LED bulbs to optimize energy savings to make you participate in a climate change to improve. So you will find: plexiglass pendant lamps, plexiglass floor lamp, plexiglass table lamp, plexiglass wall lamp, suitable for all rooms in the house or other spaces to be illuminated with design products. If you want to dare with an ultramodern design, buy plexiglass lighting and everything will change both in terms of furniture and transparency and minimalism