Sideboards and Cupboards

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Both modern and stylish sideboards and cupboards

Many models at your disposal for a wide choice of products that will be used to furnish your home with the style you prefer. You can find them in various finishes from lacquered to raw solid wood with various drawers or compartments that will serve to keep your items in order such as CDs, DVDs, plates, glasses and many other products for the home. Just like in the past when the cupboards were also used as a TV stand and as service furniture. In addition to the cupboards we have also put at your disposal some beautiful sideboards such as those of the grandmother, all handcrafted by skilled master carpenters to give life to a comfortable and long-lasting product.

What is the cupboard or sideboard for?

Thanks to its generous dimensions, these furnishing accessories were used to contain everything that was used secondarily such as all the provisioning and many objects such as the cutting board or large kitchen knives that took up a lot of space in small kitchens with few drawers. Those who have had a grandmother who lived in country houses will surely remember these furnishings where she used to put bread or tomato jars. So if you are passionate about vintage furnishings also revisited in a modern way, you can not help but buy them

A project called a return to the past

Many architects and interior designers offer these types of solutions also for restaurants, farmhouses and large dining rooms to stow bottles of wine or prosecco so as not to go to the kitchen department or other environments. Very beautiful and of great visual impact, they are not only a piece of furniture but are real furnishing completions that serve to refine and crown everything that surrounds them.