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Cantori , an entirely made in Italy brand that becomes our partner thanks to the quality of the products offered, a symbol of reliability over time. Its modern furnishings are always on trend with all the most popular styles for modern furniture in the name of design .

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Cantori luxurious furnishings for those who love made in Italy

Cantori history and products

Cantori has a solid starting point behind it: its identity as a brand , built over years of passion, commitment and motivation to grow its business to become one of the top Italian brands for the production of interior design furniture . Cantori has its roots in Camerano, an area famous for the artisan culture of the Marche region. Modern beds, modern tables , designer chairs, living room armchairs, living room furniture and everything related to interior furnishings is the company's core business: the raw materials chosen, as well as attention and care, are the trait hallmark of this historic Italian production brand, always careful to choose the best to provide the end customer not only with a design object but also with the experience of the object itself.

Cantori luxurious furnishings for refined tastes

Indoor and outdoor furniture . With its style and wide range of furnishing products, the company has conquered an audience both in Italy and in other countries. The handcrafted decorations and the quality of the materials give a charm of the Cantori branded atmospheres. Cantori represents contemporary taste, marked by the sensations given by products that appear to be minimal but sophisticated , made manually with processes such as laser cutting and wrought iron , combining them with chromatic shades of great visual impact. Cantori imposes itself in the world for the luxury projects sector, furnishing environments such as: imegayacht Chopi Chopi, Endurance Lifestyle and Endurance at the Royal Windsor Horse Show , Caravita , 100 Torri , Regina Teodolinda , Hilton Shangri-la Hotel at the Shard in London , Penthouse Moscow , where the products of the Cantori collections coexist with bespoke furnishings. Cantori is synonymous with quality , dexterity , craftsmanship and attention to detail , requisites that serve a Made in Italy product.

Cantori tables, double beds and furnishing accessories

The beauty of the shape and the variety of proposals can win you over from the very first glance, but it is only by touching the soft finishes and physically touching the quality of the materials with your hand that you truly understand the absolute ability to create timeless products . The proposed double beds range from classic to contemporary, made of wrought iron with padded fabric covering, such as the Chopin bed or in a more modern line you can find the Agave double bed . Together with the wide collection of furnishing accessories and accessories, the charm of Cantori atmospheres, and we can recommend the George table , the Mondrian table or the Atlante table to furnish luxurious dining rooms and hyenas of history. All their products have strict quality control which allows Cantori to have no complaints but only positive feedback. Their internationally renowned designers Maurizio Manzoni Studio Memo , Luca Roccadadria , Daniel Rode , Catello Lagravinese Studio , Sante Cantori , CQ Ciarmoli and Queda Studio , Davide Montanaro , Loriano Barani