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Born as a side project of the well-known Calligaris , Connubia quickly acquires its own identity no longer as a sub-brand but as a brand in its own right. Connubia's value proposition is to offer young, colorful and dynamic furnishings , with proposals that are always in line with the latest design styles.

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The must have of Italian design just a click away

A leading company in the sector belonging to the Calligaris brand which is synonymous with quality and sustainability

Connubia is meeting, sharing, friendship. Connubia is a union of several seats around a table, where the most beautiful ideas and the most solid bonds are always born. The table unites, the chairs accommodate, relationships intertwine and this is how Calligaris gave birth to the Connubia brand : imagining a typical situation of fortuitous encounters around a table, just as the synthesis of the brand communicates. A union of several intentions for a line that has become bigger and bigger, while remaining young. In fact, Connubia stands out for its fresh and dynamic design, its essential shapes, its young style . The color palette is the favorite of the world of the youngest: bright colors alternate with more desaturated pastel tones, for tables, chairs and design armchairs and then also bookcases, chairs, modern armchairs and sofas. Not only indoors: Connubia also thinks of outdoor furniture, with its young and essential style, it conquers the immediate desire for summer, relaxation, unforgettable moments to be enjoyed outdoors. The Calligaris Group therefore creates a new brand that everyone likes, but especially the younger ones, which unites all interior and outdoor furniture enthusiasts under the sign of design. Discover all our best products chosen for you! Connubia is a brand of the Calligaris Group, manufacturer of chairs, tables and indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories , inspired by the concept of connubity . With the #connubity campaign, Connubia advises young entrepreneurs and young designers to join the project to be more creative, enterprising and daring and to share their ideas.

Connubia: a story of passions and ties

Connubia, as can be seen from the name itself, is a concept that speaks of affinity with Calligaris . Connubia brings back the concept of minimalism and the synthetic representation of home furnishing. Smart products, suitable for the needs of young people who feel contemporary and want to furnish their homes with modern accessories that give lightness to their environments. All materials comply with quality standards, the fabrics are pleasant to the touch, resistant to stains and remain unchanged over time. The ceramic hobs are very resistant and easy to clean . The wood is protected with painting cycles which form a barrier against stains. Connubia products are FSC ® FSC-C002023 certified .

Connubia Calligaris design tables

Thanks to the vast selection of design tables, extendable tables , consoles , chairs and stools , Connubia is the Calligaris brand line suitable for the dining room or living room, which brings us back to the pleasure of being around the same table. Connubia is union and puts into practice a mix of choice of materials, such as wood , ceramic , fabric , glass and recyclable plastic

Connubia Calligaris Chairs

The chairs reflect the latest trends, such as Academy which is the perfect chair for a Nordic-style home available with the shell in various finishes. You will find many others such as Sibille , Tuca , Cozy and many others to furnish your spaces with a minimalist style without sacrificing quality and functionality. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more modern chair, you can select the Alchemia chair. The aesthetics of the indoor chairs is very captivating with a contemporary design and they are distinguished by their sinuous and very comfortable structures. For example you can find the technopolymer seat suitable for those who love practicality, while. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a classic chair, then you cannot miss the Evergreen chair made of beech wood. For an elegant and discreet living room we offer you the Argo chair, which has a timeless design and is made of rough polypropylene. For the garden, balcony or terrace, choose an outdoor chair like Gamera , made of nylon and resistant to UV rays, with the characteristic of being stackable and very light .

Calligaris Connubia folding chair and kitchen chairs

Among the kitchen chairs , the Nova chair has a natural oak seat made of Ekos composed of 55% polyester, 29% cotton and 16% polycarbonate. The folding chair by Calligaris is Olivia , a beech wood chair that is perfect when an unexpected guest arrives. This folding chair is ideal in the kitchen, in the dining room, but also in the living room, study or bedroom. Do you want a minimal look? The Jelly chair adds that Nordic touch to create an inviting atmosphere suitable for your friends. Very comfortable because made with the structure is in solid wood and seat and back in recyclable polypropylene. The Must Have is the Milano chair by Connubia Calligaris a modern reinterpretation of the typical Italian chair , with classic shapes characterized by a retro design, available in many finishes

Connubia Calligaris Tables

One among many is the Jelly table which is available in the 90x90 sizes or the Sigma Glass table which extends from 140 centimeters up to two meters in length or the Key table for even smaller rooms, which measures just 90 cm and 150 centimeters when stretched . You can also consider the Dine table , which extends from 90 cm to 130 cm. So you are spoiled for choice of comfortable and resistant products with a vast range of colors and sizes to furnish small or large dining rooms

Connubia Calligaris design extendable tables

An extendable table is the perfect solution for all those spaces, such as the kitchen, dining room or living room, where you usually eat alone or with your family, but where you like to welcome guests such as friends , family and colleagues . Since these occasions don't present themselves very often, an extendable table will only be able to meet you when you really need it, remaining practical and space-saving the rest of the time, when you keep the table closed and the extension leaves stored in the appropriate compartment. In the selection of the Connubia Calligaris design brand that you can find, there is the New Smart extendable rectangular table, which from 130 can be extended up to 230 centimeters thanks to a very practical sliding opening mechanism. It is a minimal and modern table , made with a beech wood structure and a screen-printed tempered glass top, or ceramic top, or wooden top. For lovers of Scandinavian style and minimal furniture, the Dine rectangular table has a folding opening matching the top and is available in two sizes, from 110 to 150 cm or from 120 to 170 cm. For those looking for the traditional style of a classic wooden table, Sigma Wood by Connubia Calligaris is the perfect solution. This extendable wooden table is available in four different sizes: two smaller ones, i.e. with the top measuring 140 to 190 cm and the top measuring 160 to 220 cm, and two larger ones, both with the top measuring 180 cm when closed but which extends up to 2.40 meters or up to three meters, thus becoming the table that can really accommodate all your guests!

Calligaris Connubia Extendable Tables

The Calligaris Connubia catalog dedicated to extendables is vast both in terms of dimensions and styles and materials. The Snap extendable rectangular table is available in three different sizes, with the long side going from 130 cm to 190, or from 120 to 180 cm, or from 110 to 160 cm. If you are looking for a table where at least ten people can eat, the Key extendable table is the right one for you!

Calligaris Connubia Extendable console

Connubia also offers you extendable console tables, perfect in small dining rooms, because from a console they can quickly become a dining table to welcome your friends. Such as the modern Snap console , or the Sigma which can accommodate ten or more people.

Calligaris Connubia Modern tables

Comfort and refined design are the soul of the modern extendable tables of the Connubia Calligaris brand. If you don't want to give up inviting all your friends, Connubia offers you extendable tables such as the Maestro or the Sigma model, with wooden structure and legs and top in ceramic and tempered glass.

Calligaris Connubia Living room tables

Real is the glass coffee table for your living room by Connubia. Simple and refined design, rounded corners and curved edges in order to give it that touch of elegance. It's the perfect addition between two sofas or between a sofa and an armchair, for resting. If you are looking for modern furniture for the living room or dining room, we also recommend the Password sideboard, which has multiple configurations.