Varaschin outdoor sofas, outdoor armchairs, outdoor tables , outdoor lighting and everything you could wish for in the splendid world of Varaschin . A made in Italy product created by a company with a capital A suitable to satisfy any need you may have. Many products such as low tables and high tables are in our catalog to make you have the maximum number of outdoor furnishing accessories dedicated to your garden or your swimming pool or to your place to accommodate your customers making them find a world of design full of elegance and refinement in the details. High quality products designed by famous designers in the sector

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Varaschin the reference company for outdoor furniture such as armchairs or tables

A world of products selected for your spaces that will change the characteristics of your garden or porch

For over 50 years, the company has been committed every day to creating items that will be comfortable and functional for its customers. A huge staff of designers surrounds the company and always proposes new projects where skilled craftsmen manage through their know-how to give life to it, making them appreciate the workmanship and the attention in the finishes themselves. Materials such as rope, wood, metal and fine fabrics are used every day to create cutting-edge products because they are tested so as not to be damaged by the weather . Relaxation and comfort help the person to find a better level of life and therefore if you want to be serene you can only choose Varaschin for your outdoor furniture. Many products such as tables and chairs are covered in rope and you will be able to appreciate their quality and you will be able to distinguish yourself from those who buy cheap products in supermarkets and are far less resistant to atmospheric agents such as sun, water and frost. So remember that if you want to stay well Varaschin you have to buy!!

Varaschin the leading company in the sector

Varaschin is Italian and specialized in the production of outdoor furniture ranging from pergolas and umbrellas, outdoor furniture that derives from craftsmanship , to furnishings that make outdoor environments unique such as by the pool , in the garden , on the veranda , on the terrace , by the sea or in the mountains . The company exports to many countries around the world and its customers appreciate their design and quality. The vocation for the outdoors has created a category dedicated to Outdoor Therapy , to signal activities related to sport, understood as moments of a healthy lifestyle. Varaschin collaborates with the greatest world-famous designers to create iconic products such as the Bento sofa, designed by Calvi Brambilla padded with Dryfeel® rubber or Monica Armani , Alberto Apostoli , Christophe Pillet for a varied range of products such as: Emma , Bergère and many other

Varaschin Chairs, sunbeds, sofas for outdoors

Among the various designers , Monica Armani like many others have contributed to creating successful collections which include: chairs , armchairs , stools and beds , armchairs , sofas , coffee tables . One of the many is Barcode , a wooden line made from FSC® certified plantation teak wood suitable for. Pavilion is instead an aluminum and wood gazebo , finished with sunscreen slats. All these products will help you create a corner in your garden. When finding the exotic reeds necessary for the raw material becomes difficult, Varaschin does not lose heart and begins to search for alternative materials such as synthetic materials, which are used in traditional woven articles, to obtain resistant and performing furnishings . Synthetic materials allow you to create long-lasting armchairs, sofas and beds, remaining as new regardless of the weather conditions. And the plot continues to remain the company's strong point and trait. Over time, highly successful lines are developed in which attention to detail, quality and originality are the aspects and strength of the brand that works with passion supported by a valid team of specialized craftsmen.