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Furnishing accessories and lighting. Qeeboo is an Italian brand that produces high design furnishing accessories. The company was founded in 2016 by the founder Stefano Giovannoni and its products are not only of great visual impact and very decorative, they also manage to be emotional and narrative. From design to implementation there is a true sentimental process for the accuracy of the workmanship and design that communicates all the know-how of the master craftsmen to us. The products made are very smart but still iconic and known all over the world. Extraordinary objects created in collaboration with great international designers in the sector Qeeboo manages to make its mark on world markets thanks to the creativity of creating more and more not just furniture accessories but real works of art inspired by different styles and characters. A magical mix of technologies, inventions and industrial techniques, creating a catalog dedicated to products made with recyclable materials in respect of being green and proposing objects such as: Mexico, Killer or Capitol, which you can use them in a personal way as a seat, table, lamp , vase, planter or the coolest champagne, allowing everyone to interpret and use them freely and to be able to furnish their spaces with decorative objects that make the atmosphere mystical and very chic

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Contemporary design with extravagant products

A wide range of products suitable for furnishing private apartments or even nightclubs or environments such as studios and offices

A striking example of the extravagance of the products is Giraffa Innamorata which from the top of its majestic body supports a glass chandelier showing the lightness and elegance of the structure itself. Many other products are present in our catalog and you can select them all such as the cute Kong or the Mexican skull that will amaze all your friends or customers. Harmonious and very whimsical objects sprung from the mind of Stefano Giovannoni that range from tables, chairs, armchairs, objects up to accessories for the outdoors to make your swimming pool or your garden very beautiful and inhabited by strange things such as umbrella stands. shark-shaped or turtle-shaped lamps available in multiple finishes. So made n Italy is still a champion of design and quality that stands out all over the world