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The Colico company has very deep roots in the Italian industrial fabric. It is known to the public as the most famous brand for the production of modern chairs as well as the long family history that, generation after generation, has brought it to the Olympus of historic Italian brands in the manufacture of furnishing accessories.

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Colico is the result in brand of the evolution of the Colico family, more precisely with Andrea Colico: a genealogical tree of the upper Lombardy that slowly expanded its horizons to the regional capital. They began as cabinet makers and artisans in Brianza, in 1920, dedicated to the production of furniture pieces.

It was Antonio Colico after World War II who dared to make a radical change, alongside the social transformation underway: he sensed that the world was starting to take more possession of the house and goods and that the bourgeoisie was making an increasingly declared ostentation of interior design and furniture of design.

It was on the wave of development and economic recovery that the company built its success, always giving an avant-garde response to the design of all times that has gone through, up to now, the decade in which the Colico company blows out its hundred candles. The production of design chairs and modern chairs for any domestic environment has given life to a real trademark, a distinctive feature of the brand from the very beginning.