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Plust outdoor furniture. Here you can find everything you need for your outdoor furniture such as chairs , tables , stools , bar counters , vases and lights to create a welcoming environment of the highest design. Quality is the watchword that reflects the company and we can assure you that it is. If you are tired of furnishing your garden or your pub with cheap products that only lead you to another vain attempt, don't hesitate and buy all those you find in our catalog and it will be once and for all. Materials such as polyethylene or HPL wood are the key to the success and durability of these products which, thanks also to their design, have attracted the attention of both architects and interior designers to furnish and decorate spaces with high quality and well finished products. The Golden Rust finish is Plust 's new idea created for chic and trendy environments

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Plust a company that has become a point of reference for outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs, accessories and lighting

You will find many of the Plust products in our catalog and you will be able to indulge yourself in furnishing your home with excellent accessories made in Italy

Euro3plast has a long history behind it and an excellent know-how for the production of always high design items and very attentive to the fashions of the moment . Innovative materials and designers capable of their work give life to indispensable products for your furniture every day, capturing every detail of your needs such as comfort or external beauty because beauty is not style but design. A growing brand that does not fear disputes as they are very strong both on foreign and Italian markets and have established themselves with strokes of architecture and ingenuity to create eco-sustainable products using latest generation materials created from recycled elements. So if you were looking for quality , design and comfort , here is a brand that fits your lifestyle so as not to be one of the common masses.

Plust outdoor furniture

Plust outdoor furniture. Design and planning come together to give life to PLUST Collection which belongs to the new generation of the way of living your outdoor spaces , furnishing them with products such as outdoor lamps, outdoor chairs, outdoor sofas, outdoor luminous vases, outdoor bar counter and furnishing accessories that will make your garden or swimming pool a very comfortable place full of comfort whether you are with your partner or in the company of your friends after having organized a happy hour under the stars

Plust design with green materials

Plust marries the use of colored resins , light but very resistant, which allow you to create any type of furnishing accessory. The collections are very beautiful and informal that stand out from the usual design that we find every day and are able to furnish your rooms with soft shapes without neglecting their functionality. PLUST Collection helps interior designers furnish areas such as swimming pools , bars , discos and other night clubs such as pubs and breweries . Euro3plast has obtained the certifications for the best guarantee and safety standards and many recognitions for the production systems.

Plust outdoor furniture from the producer to the consumer

The thought, the projects, the designers, the techniques, the materials belong to the new generation of design and to the new form of living. PLUST Collection was born in 2006 as a design brand of euro3plast Spa, a leader in the production of traditional vases which boasts a Made in Italy certificate. The PLUST Collection project through the plastic possibilities of the material, allows you to transform ambitious projects into furnishing accessories suitable for your outdoor . The quality of euro3plast is research and innovation without neglecting attention to product details and above all respect for the environment. Plust establishes itself on the market as a manufacturer and distributor of outdoor furniture with the ability to satisfy the needs of its customers even in a few days