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List of products by brand MEMEDESIGN s.r.l.

Furnishing. A young and dynamic Italian company that produces useful, trendy and never banal objects and furnishing accessories. It is a typical Italian family business. At the head of the company, Cinzia Olivieri, who also assumes the artistic direction. It was born as a commercial brand in 2012 in an atypical way. The primordial idea was generated by Sartini Michele, the son, a young partner with a strong attitude towards innovation. The basic idea is quickly perfected as follows: to build objects with a purposeful, contemporary design that have a practical use in several living areas, to ennoble one of the most common materials in nature, iron and specifically sheet metal, through shapes and soft, curvilinear, sinuous lines, enhance and convey color as a design proposal. MEME takes its name from memetics, the modern science that studies memes, that is, the unit of measurement of the strength of ideas in societies. Each MEME product must therefore meet the following requirements: Creative and transversal design, Rounded and sinuous shapes, Possibility of being inserted in multiple living areas, Excellent quality MADE IN ITALY

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Minimal design for furniture with light lines

A modern product at the service of your comforts suitable for stays or professional studios

Considered a leading company in the sector for the production of furnishing accessories, it ranks in the first places precisely for the minimalism of its products made of sheet metal with sinuous shapes but at the same time very resistant and solid. The items are designed to give your home a design rich in details and to decorate the environment with bright and highly sought-after colors. The best sellers are shelves and coffee tables which, thanks to their slender shapes, are able to give brightness and depth to your spaces without interrupting the lines of exaggeration and the heaviness of the design. So you can also find dining tables, lights and objects for indoors and outdoors