Angel Cerdà

Angel Cerdà furnishing accessories for the home ranging from sofas , chairs , tables , coffee tables and armchairs that Angel Cerdà has been producing for many years using and employing not only famous designers but also the best products such as leathers, fabrics and metal structures. You can find a wide range of these products in our catalog and you can admire their beauty and the care with which they were made. Angel Cerd à boasts over 40 years of production and experience both in the narrow sector and for the knowledge of the best products on the market. If you can't do without quality, you can choose to buy products of this brand and you can furnish your spaces with style, elegance and high design

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Angel Cerdà coffee tables and dining tables in solid wood

Made with the utmost care and with materials that respect health and nature, they are truly of a fantastic design that you will not be able to do without buying them

The fixed tables or extendable tables are made with materials such as wood or marble -effect ceramic which are very popular, as are the chairs with imitation leather covering and chrome structure. All finishes and colors are the most sought after and any professional such as architects or interior designers will advise you on how to furnish your spaces in the best possible way. The class is not water and from today it is called Angel Cerdà . Visit our catalog and you will find sofas , armchairs , armchairs and many other accessories that will drive you crazy and be successful by anyone who sees them as friends or customers of your restaurant or hotel

Angel Cerdà the design in solid wood

Angel Cerdà 's ability is knowing how to combine the use of wood with materials such as fabrics , marbles , glass of various types, capable of giving elegance to the products. Precisely for this reason, Angel Cerdà's wooden furniture is highly sought after and used in living rooms and hotels . Thanks to master craftsmen, Angel Cerdà places itself at the center of the international design scene with furnishings from the most important historic residences in the world: Madrid , Moscow , Berlin , Dubai are just some of the cities with buildings furnished with the Cerdà Brand.

Angel Cerdà wooden chairs and tables

Ángel Cerdá is an entrepreneurial group with over 125 years of history, spanning 4 generations, in the furniture sector. Their company has many recently built modern facilities with over 10,000 sq m of offices, showrooms, factory and warehouses. All this embraces a wide range of products in the catalog that allows to satisfy all tastes. Modern or in style , you can find the furniture that you like the most , ranging from fixed tables , extendable tables , modern chairs , classic chairs , coffee tables and many other products for the home . Angel Cerdà 's tables are made with noble materials such as solid wood and the chairs upholstered in fine fabrics of any type of finish. Your living room or kitchen will take on an elegant and refined effect, given by the quality of the product itself. So you can furnish with products like tables: Easy , Tekno and chairs like Spicy or Jersey