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List of products by brand Plastiko

Plastiko is a company born to satisfy the needs of parents and their little ones to furnish their bedroom in a nice and innovative way. It is a manufacturer of beds in the shape of a car or carriage for the princesses capable of making non-toxic products thanks to all their certifications of both materials and paints and then finally getting to the packaging. The catalog is very large and there are really many beds available such as the one in the shape of a fireman or the one in the shape of a carriage for girls up to the desk with a built-in wardrobe in the shape of a petrol pump and they are really well made and cared for in every part. The solidity of the materials and the structure guarantee the safety of your children and as a company it is very careful about this and uses suitable and tested materials to support higher weights such as those of an adult or much greater. Bunk beds for example are tested for 120 kg per bed so you can be safe and not fear dangers and accidents for your little ones

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Fireman-shaped beds for brave kids or carriage-shaped for sweet princesses

The Plastiko line is very sold because you can buy it at a really competitive price and because it has a really excellent quality

Each piece is assembled by means of steel screws that serve to support the structure itself with greater security and the materials are very resistant to scratches or impacts such as the bed of Saetta McQueen from the Disney Cars cardboard which is made of thick MDF wood or fiberglass. thick. So do not doubt the materials or paints as they are completely non-toxic and without any risk for your children. It will be a pleasure to furnish their bedrooms and watch them play with her bed while imagining fantastic stories