Tavolo Tulip Ovale con Base Rotonda con Piano in Laminato Liquido o Marmo Varie Finiture

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As you know, the marble is a natural stone and so it has no protection from chemical or atmospherics agents. The tops used for our tables are treated as stain repellant with a simple wax and antidrop for avoiding those ugly and yellow plastic protection which takes away the beautiful sensation to touch the marble. However as all natural treatements you have to be careful to its use and maintenance. We'll explain shortly which are the products which damage the marble and the treatements to do to have a table always in pefect conditions.

How to clean the Marble

Marbles must never been cleaned with ANY CHEMICAL CLEANING because since they have aggressives properties, they could remove the protection that we give on the marble (wax and antidrop) and they can make it able to absorb every liquid and become matt. The Marble must be cleaned only with water and alcohol (the pink one). We suggest also to repeat a protective treatement regularly (it depends on the marble use, maximum every 1 year) with a common marble wax (you can buy also in hardware store) to maintain it glossy and protected.

Products to pay attention

Wine, Sparkling Wine, Juices, Coffees, Lemon, Orange, Vinegar, Coke, Oil, Tomato and others. In other words they are all products which contain natural or chemical acids which can corrode the wax protection and to stain the marble (sometimes also in a irrecoverable way). So we suggest always to use coasters or place mats to avoid that these substances will be in contact with the top. In case the above-mentioned products will be drop on the marble, it has adviced to clean the top (following the paragraph HOW TO CLEAN THE MARBLE) at least within 5 minutes and treat again the marble in a short time for avoiding that other corrosive liquid can be drop in the same position and to damage definitively the marble.



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