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Office chairs: a professional life in style

Classic and ordinary offices, youthful and avant-garde co-working spaces, meeting rooms, professional studios. Tell us the professional environment and we will think of design proposals that combine style and comfort. We know how important the aesthetics of a professional place are and at the same time the essential comfort that office chairs require. Precisely for this reason, our team of experts has selected a wide range of professional chairs to satisfy everyone. The office chairs on kasa-store are of high quality, with fine finishes, ergonomic and resistant over time. All rigorously made by Italian artisans and companies. But let's go on to list all the benefits and convenience that a desk chair can give you in terms of comfort and functionality.

Each desk chair has its own importance

Depending on who decides to use this type of comfortable desk chair, we have decided to categorize these accessories into three main categories, all absolutely essential from the characteristics listed above, therefore always going hand in hand with comfort, the right design and the style of both the furnishings and the purpose for which they are intended. These comfortable desk chairs have fine finishes and innovative and avant-garde materials, because it is also true that the eye wants its part and that a professional, whatever his profession, conveys his professionalism also through the choice of a right chair for modern and design desk.

Presidential or executive desk chairs

This type of office chair is a real armchair with sophisticated but functional gas lift mechanisms. The backrest can be reclined with various and different angles. In addition to style and posture, this desk chair offers real relief for your back, easing all the problems that a sedentary job can create. You can choose both in the desk chair version with wheels and as a desk chair without wheels.

Executive or stationary desk chairs

These are the common office chairs, the perfect ones for anyone: from the established professional to the freelancer to the first jobs. There is always a need for comfortable desk chairs in a home, whether you are working remotely or studying. The most common and most used ergonomic office chair because it is versatile and also useful as a table seat, if the furniture is particular and allows it.

Modern waiting desk chair

Mobile and easily transportable from one environment to another thanks to the swivel wheels or the sled protected by rubber feet, this office chair with wheels is ideal for a large office where people usually have to wait for meetings, interviews, important appointments. The design is always modern, often in Nordic style and therefore minimal, with a perfect combo between wooden structure and fabric seat.

Many and different models of office chairs

Let's move on to our office chair sale, where we offer you perfect models for any type of work. Titti is simple, functional and ergonomic. It lends itself well to youthful and fresh environments. Contemporary and colourful. The structure is in chromed metal. The backrest and seat are, on the other hand, made of PVC, adjustable in height by means of a piston. There are many colors available: green, orange, white, blue and pink. Part of the Stones line, it boasts feet with wheels and an adjustable height according to individual needs and requirements. Also in this case, different colors are available for the pvc structure. Elegant, elegant, refined. Full of style and comfortable. Orlando it is one of the office chairs available in all three main ranges. Presidential, executive and waiting. The model is always the same, some mechanisms and functions change. The finishes are in polished chromed metal, while the upholstery is in imitation leather. This office chair is perfect in all environments thanks to its timeless shapes and lines.
Paterson is an office chair model presented by Tomasucci. Simple and elegant, it reflects an austere and modern style at the same time. The structure is in shiny chromed sled metal. The upholstery is instead in synthetic leather. The available finishes are well suited to different environments thanks to the neutral but classic colors. Black, white and taupe. Whether it's a personal office, a waiting room or a meeting room, these chairs are just perfect.

Made in Italy for guaranteed quality

We believe in the craftsmanship and quality of the made in Italy craftsmen and materials. For this reason our products are all made on the national territory. The sale of office chairs as well as the furnishing accessories on Kasa-tore meet the highest quality standards and are made with top quality raw materials. Certified and controlled to ensure the best for all our customers.