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Single sheets for children and imaginative rugs for cheerful and fun bedrooms

Imaginative and cheerful bed linen and carpets for the children's room

The bedroom, a place where children grow up and have fun, must be furnished with the utmost care. In addition to the classic accessories, such as beds, wardrobes, bedside tables and so on, it is necessary to choose the right accessories: what do you think of soft sheets for children, a warm refuge at night and during the day?

For your children it will be like being welcomed in a tender embrace. The fabrics guarantee incredible comfort, and can be customized with decorations, designs, special finishes, bright or delicate colors. How to set up a harmonious and familiar themed room, a source of joy, serenity and sweet dreams.

And what about rugs, to be combined with children's bedding to create an environment suspended between fantasy and reality? Comfortable and ecological surfaces, perfect for entertaining the little ones with their very nice shapes. You are spoiled for choice, because the collections offered on our shop are large and transversal.

Bedding for girls: how to give the bedroom a touch of romance

To make your little girl feel like a real princess, the protagonist of a splendid fairy tale, there is nothing better than a nice, elegant and comfortable padded bedspread. Queens need to rest well, in order to perform all their very important tasks in the best possible way!

We offer you, for example, the Pinky model in cotton and polyester, lined with microfibre. A unique item, packaged to make the bedrooms more refined and bright. Your little one will be delighted to sleep in such a soft, colorful, premium quality blanket - just as befits a princess.

We also have several bedroom rugs that are ideal for girls: both for the quieter ones, and for the lively girls who love to jump and roll on the ground. Authentic touches of class for a small room that turns dreams into reality. We remember, in this regard, the wonderful Lady model adorned with hearts and flowers, a beautiful gift for incurable romantics.

Sheets and rugs for adventurous children

What if, on the other hand, your child wants a life full of adventures and heroic deeds? Do not worry, we have also thought of this: after all, we know well the fantasies of little budding explorers, who already imagine themselves riding the waves of the sea on a pirate ship, or in search of treasures hidden among the foliage of a dense forest. !

Do you want to buy a single sheet for children for a themed bedroom? Check out the Pirate Jack-inspired set with bedspread and pillow. Your son will be thrilled just to see him, and fantasize about stormy oceans, swords and maidens to be saved. Even better if you combine a soft carpet with the image of the treasure island in 3D.

For young sportsmen, we provide down jackets with a design dedicated to the world of racing cars. Functional, versatile models with a nice and fun design. Your child will fall asleep with an enthusiastic heart, and with his mind projected towards the deeds of the greatest champions of sport.

Quality materials for a safe haven

The bed linen supplied on kasa-store and the rugs for the children's bedroom are synonymous with safety and efficiency. Designed for the physical health and psychological well-being of children, designed to give the rooms a pinch of magic and exceptional comfort. Only the most reliable, eco-sustainable and hypoallergenic materials are used, carefully processed for the peace of mind of all parents.

The kasa-store team is always ready to answer any questions and resolve all your doubts. How to prepare a fabulous room, where the little ones grow up and learn about the surrounding environment in every nuance. We help you prepare a space that reflects the passions of your children, whether they are beautiful princesses or future adventurers without blemish and without fear.

Excellent quality linens, soft and colorful rugs, pillows, duvets and more. Often it is the details that make the difference, and those of our products are always well-finished.