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Industrial-vintage chairs for all rooms of the house

Chairs are essential elements in any home. Their main purpose, of course, is to guarantee the convenience and comfort of those who use them: however, at the same time these interior design products have a certain decorative potential, and help to enhance the rooms with their shapes and finishes. An industrial-vintage-style chair is a real pearl, because it establishes an authentic return to the past and gives the space a touch of simplicity and warmth. The key material is wood, which joins with metal defining the fusion between the two styles. On the market there are many accessories of this type, which is why you are spoiled for choice!

Where to use an industrial-vintage chair

The chairs that fall into this category are excellent for open-spaces, for large and airy contexts, in general for rooms where antiques prevail and to which you want to give a country and retro taste. These items are primarily intended for the kitchen and dining room, even better if combined with a square table in raw wood. Their details will give the overall mood an abundant pinch of intimacy and familiarity. Industrial-vintage kitchen areas, inspired by the look of old factories and country houses, are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, if you wish, you can also use these chairs in other environments: in the living room, perhaps in pendant with a similar coffee table, or in the bedroom next to the desk. Many like to set up a small domestic bar corner, where such chairs are ideal for relaxing alone or in company.

A wide range of models

One of the advantages of industrial-vintage chairs is the extensive range available on the market. Contrary to what some think, this furniture is by no means monotonous and can also include very different accessories. Let's consider the Agora Mobili catalog: we show you two completely different chairs, namely the Circus and the East Side (whether black or white). The first is lively, colorful, embellished with motifs that refer to the circus world; the second is more sober and elegant, and can also be found in the most modern rooms. A further example is the Klint chair, with a leather upholstery that evokes the rustic atmosphere of the ancient saloons. The Safari model has the same structure, but the texture is mimetic-like and the colors are colder. A special mention deserves Boulangerie, the leather chair with angular lines and the back adorned with writings. A product in perfect Parisian industrial style, which combines vintage and design details with an undoubtedly artistic effect. The philosophy, therefore, is unique, but the possibilities are many. How to create an exclusive space that winks towards the past, but which in any case stands out for its remarkable originality!

The value of the materials

The best chairs are made of sturdy and durable materials. They must be able to withstand even heavy loads, and be minimally affected by wear and the passage of time. The solutions used for the Agora Mobili chairs make it possible to comply with all these criteria. As already highlighted, wood and metal occupy a central position from this point of view: both are antique, refined in their aged appearance, an emblem of solidity, stability and safety. Both wood and metal retain their natural finishes and an almost raw appearance, devoid of any superfluous or artificial element. The same goes for leather, often used for chair upholstery: an option that will catapult you directly into the bars of the Far West, and that will give your home a retro atmosphere!