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Vintage and Industrial armchairs

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The armchairs: an elegant and comfortable piece of furniture

A self-respecting living area cannot fail to include one or more armchairs. These are essential for moments of relaxation, which is why it is essential that they are comfortable, resistant and also pleasing to the eye. These requirements are met by the industrial-vintage armchairs: articles upholstered in leather, clearly inspired by the furnishings of the past and featuring a unique and exclusive design. In these accessories, in fact, two styles meet, one of which refers to the old factories and the typical atmosphere of saloons, the other shows a certain familiar and reassuring retro taste. From such a union, inimitable armchairs are born, a mirror of craftsmanship and a strong passion for rusticity. Elements that can be combined with wooden tables and sofas in turn upholstered in leather: nothing better to set up a living room where you can breathe the classic air of country houses!

Industrial-vintage armchairs by Agora Mobili

If these armchairs appeal to you, consult the Kasa-Store catalog. You will no doubt appreciate the model called Chester: a product characterized by understated beauty, which you could easily find in an old farmhouse or in a mountain cabin. The Chester armchair is closer to vintage furniture, while Cuba immediately brings to mind the peculiarities of an industrial mood. In addition to the leather, the metal stands out, whose clean and linear shapes are softened by the curves of the backrest and seat. The structure, on the whole, has a “lived-in” aspect, which only accentuates the value of the overall picture.

Some advice for the furniture

Industrial-vintage armchairs, like all the accessories that adhere to this style, are excellent for free and airy spaces: the ideal is to combine them with interior items such as raw wood tables, wooden and iron coffee tables, the chest of drawers and retro sideboards. Which rooms are these interior design elements most suitable for? Certainly to the living room, to which these armchairs give enormous added value. In your living area you could create a real reading corner, with a vintage bookcase, a lamp and a comfortable leather seat. In fact, however, these products are suitable for all industrial and vintage environments: the study, the bedroom, a home office, even the kitchen. An armchair like Ecology can easily replace traditional kitchen chairs, and makes the place even more welcoming, intimate and hospitable.

What should a quality industrial-vintage armchair look like?

It is important that an armchair is designed according to a series of criteria, linked both to the aesthetic side and to the practical one. From what we have said so far, you will have understood that industrial-vintage armchairs are very beautiful to look at, if you like a certain furniture. They are simple and at the same time refined, they are “aged” but have extremely meticulous finishes. There is always some small detail that makes them look like they have just come out of a craft workshop, and that avoids that “aseptic” perfection typical of many modern creations. Adopting an industrial-vintage style means giving the home greater warmth and familiarity. The best armchairs suggest this impression: this is joined by the use of solid and long-lived materials, which only in appearance reflect the passing of the years, but which in reality remain as new for your safety. It is truly wonderful to spend moments of relaxation in an armchair of this type. An evocative design that never overshadows functionality, and that harmonizes in an artistic way with the overall appearance of industrial, vintage, classic, country rooms or those conceived as open-spaces.