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How to set up a relaxation area with an industrial-vintage coffee table

Not everyone knows what a coffee table is: it is a particular type of table, whose original purpose was to house ashtrays, cigars and other similar objects. Today this interior design item is much more versatile, and is used for example for the reading corner, to place cups and mugs, or simply to create an ornamental space with ornaments, frames and scented candles. It seems, therefore, that a relaxation area cannot be separated from the presence of a coffee table. The industrial-vintage ones are definitely suggestive: a point of contact between two styles, ideal if you want to give your home a retro touch. Kasa-Store offers numerous models, to leave you the maximum freedom of customization of your rustic environment. The coatings, skilfully peeled off, seem to come directly from a country house of the past centuries: even the smallest nuance of the wood is evident, and the shelves go very well with the aged metal structure. In principle, the coffe tables are low, and even suitable for studios and one-bedroom apartments. Their surface harmonizes perfectly with that of the floor, on which it nevertheless stands out thanks to the natural veins. Nothing better for a living area intended for rest and hobbies!

Some examples of industrial-vintage coffee tables

If you want to know exactly how a coffee table is made, take a look at the Kasa-Store catalog: you will find many excellent accessories for a living room inspired by the furnishings of the past. There are single and double tables, such as the one called Factory which can be purchased in both versions. This name can be literally translated as “factory”: and in fact one of the contexts to which the industrial trend is most closely linked is that of old factories, with raw wood and iron finishes. Railways also stands out in the category, which has wheels instead of legs. Clearly the product is stable and fixed to the ground, but you would almost expect to see it in an ancient artisan workshop while it is being used for the transport of raw materials. These models are a few centimeters high, but they are noticed as soon as you cross the threshold thanks to their reassuring colors and the quality of the workmanship. We are not talking about 100 elements% industrial or vintage, but a clever combination of two trends.

Coffe tables and possible uses

We have mentioned that a coffee table can be used for various purposes. The original one is undoubtedly one of the main ones; but what do you think of an intimate space for reading, in which this article will host a couple of books, a lamp, the cup of the herbal tea you are sipping and so on.Obviously you will need other accessories, such as a bookcase - or shelves - and a soft leather armchair. These components must also adhere to the industrial-vintage style, for a balanced and coherent overall picture. Use a coffee table to set up a corner to chat with friends, or to relax in solitude after work. Such a piece of furniture, after all, is good for the heart just looking at it.

The aesthetic potential of wood and metal

You will have understood that the most common materials for the construction of industrial-vintage coffee tables are wood and metal. Both solutions are scenographic, they combine with each other in an artistic way and integrate both with small rooms and with larger ones. Metal is also very common in modern furnishings, but in this case it refers to the past for its rough and sober appearance, sometimes peeling. Wood, on the other hand, is an authentic symbol of rusticity, authenticity and domestic warmth!