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The table: a versatile complement for all rooms in the house

Speaking of the elements that should never be missing in a home, the mind runs spontaneously to the table. Such a surface is not only used for meals, but also for many other activities: to study, to indulge in hobbies, to chat with friends over a cup of coffee. It is therefore clear that a table is essential for the kitchen and the dining room, and is an excellent furnishing option for the living area, for a bar corner, even for a home office instead of the classic desk. . The industrial-vintage models are of enormous value: those that blend two styles in their simple, rustic yet elegant lines. The inspiration from the past is always evident, and is manifested through the antique taste, the aged coatings, the use of metal and raw wood. What are the criteria to follow to find the perfect table? There are many such products on the market, different in size, design and finish, which is why you won't have difficulty finding the solution that's right for you. The accessories in which vintage meets industrial are nothing short of unique, ideal for evoking the romantic atmosphere of huts and country houses!

An extensive range of industrial-vintage tables

On the market, first of all, there are tables that differ according to size. Industrial-vintage items are usually intended for large spaces, large and airy living rooms, open-spaces. However, a coffee table of this mold is also suitable for the most confined spaces, compartments and niches: let's consider for example the splendid Crank, available on Kasa-Store, equipped with a wooden shelf and an iron structure that makes one think of the factories of once. Square, on the other hand, is larger and is excellent for embellishing the kitchen area. It wouldn't be out of place at all in a Far West saloon, with its retro look and a wooden surface that looks almost peeling - but hides, in reality, an extreme attention to detail. Square, rectangular, round tables; kitchen and living room tables, with single or double tops, in dark or brighter shades. You have the maximum freedom of choice to enhance your home with an exclusive product!

The materials

From what has been said so far, you will have understood that the key materials, in industrial-vintage tables, are wood and metal. The latter is a peculiarity of industrial furnishings: you must know that in rooms of this type it is often highlighted, with visible elements that catch the eye with their brown colors and the charm that refers to another era. The metal goes very well with the wood, which is not decorated with paints but is left "naked", for a completely natural result. The nuances and veins of such a table are striking, the same as those that enriched the ancient rural houses: those who adopt an industrial-vintage style, after all, take an authentic dip into the past.

The most original tables

If you like antiques but don't want to give up originality, you could consider more particular models such as those that replace the legs with two or more wheels. Railways, for example, is a rough wooden coffee table with metal wheels: the typical creation that makes the minds of craft workshops and factories of the past centuries run. Bike Bistrot is also based on the same concept, only the wheel resembles that of a bicycle complete with spokes. On the contrary, Moll has a spring-shaped base on which a round shelf of peeling wood rests. The possibilities are many: nothing better to embellish every space in your home, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the study.