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Industrial-vintage sideboards: a unique solution for your home

A kitchen can be made even more functional by a sideboard. This complement, equipped with shelves and doors, has several purposes: it serves not only to store ingredients, dishes and utensils, but also to embellish the environment with its design and finishes. To enhance a rustic kitchen area, there is nothing better than an industrial-vintage sideboard. A product that combines two styles, both inspired by the past and the atmosphere of old country houses. Such articles are pleasing to the eye and to the touch, thanks to their suggestive shades and rough, rough surfaces, synonymous with warmth and authenticity. Opt for an industrial-vintage sideboard if you want a welcoming home, which you project into past centuries as soon as you cross the threshold. The kitchen is the emblem par excellence of the domestic hearth, and such an element is great for accentuating its romantic mood and antique look.

Industrial-vintage sideboards: the materials

The industrial-vintage trend is characterized by the predominance of two materials: wood and metal. Sideboards are no exception, made with solid, sturdy and resistant panels. Some sideboards are built with light woods, others with darker types. The overall effect is peeling, “aged”, which further embellishes the whole and gives the sideboard the peculiar charm of period objects. Wood has an enormous reassuring power, and is a symbol of intimacy, serenity and comfort. In this case it is left natural, with all the veins and flames clearly visible. Just as it happened for the furnishings of the past, extremely simple yet so elegant handcrafted creations! Wood is combined with metal, used for some details and for the knobs of doors and drawers. This material is an evergreen for the industrial style, and with its brown colors it goes perfectly with the general upholstery. These cupboards are located halfway between the ancient rural houses and the factories of the past. Finally, some sideboards are closed by glass plates. These, with their reflections, do nothing but underline the beauty of the surfaces.

The models of Agora Mobili

If an industrial-vintage sideboard appeals to you, take a look at those in the Kasa-Store window. There is something for all tastes, from the most sober products to those enriched with writings or colorful details. The second category includes, for example, models such as Saint John: a sideboard that combines wood with pastel shades, distinctly retro and ideal for small and large kitchens. Based on the same concept, the Workshop sideboard was born, with two or four doors, which almost seems adorned with clippings from old magazines. Instead other items are characterized only by the tones of raw wood, such as Sleeper and Cook. A touch of class for a kitchen area straight out of the past! If you prefer a taller type, which may occupy an entire wall, there are eight-door complements that are also suitable for living rooms and dining rooms.

The meaning and purpose of the sideboard

Not everyone knows that, long ago, the cupboard was used to knead bread. Therefore it has always had a “rustic”, domestic meaning, which refers to country houses. Today its shelf can be used for food preparation, as well as to set up an "art corner" with knick-knacks, vintage frames, a couple of scented candles. Moreover, it is important that the kitchen is as functional as it is beautiful to look at, and that it instills feelings of safety and warmth. Of course, the cupboards can house all the tools, appliances, ingredients and food you want. They are therefore also very useful for saving space.