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The ornamental power of industrial-vintage mirrors

The mirror, contrary to what one might believe, does not only perform a single function. Of course, it is a useful object for operations such as make-up, body care and clothing: however, it is also an element with considerable decorative potential, able to make all rooms seem larger and brighter. The mirrors give space and depth to the rooms, and attract the eye with their iridescent reflections and splendid plays of light. We are talking, in fact, of accessories found in almost every home, designed for a perfect combination of practicality and beauty. Specifically, an industrial-vintage mirror combines all these qualities with the typical charm of the past and of rustic contexts. Such a complement is capable of embellishing retro rooms with its specially aged appearance, which accentuates its aesthetic value in an extraordinary way. On Agora Mobili you will find an extensive range of mirror models, created precisely to blend the romantic simplicity of the vintage style with the bold and rough lines of the industrial trend.

What an industrial-vintage mirror looks like

Like many items that fall into this category, industrial-vintage mirrors are characterized by the predominance of one material: wood. This, in addition to being solid and ecological, is endowed with that sober elegance that distinguishes natural coatings. There are no paints or particular procedures to alter the suggestive nuances: the surfaces are rough, furrowed with wonderful veins, as if everything had been obtained directly from the trunk of a tree by the hand of a skilled craftsman. Obviously, wood is used for the frame of the mirrors, and goes very well with the brilliance of the glass. Indeed, we can say that the two materials enhance each other, one warm and reassuring, the other bright and sparkling.

Industrial-vintage mirrors and types

You have numerous industrial-vintage mirrors available, to enrich your home with a unique and inimitable design. First of all, small and large mirrors can be purchased, where the former occupy a few centimeters and the latter allow you to make the most of the vertical area. Those of the Madera collection, for example, have elongated rectangular shapes and are ideal if you want to furnish a large free wall. Another distinction can be made between quadrangular and rounded elements. The Kasa-Store catalog also includes a round Madera, whose pure and clean architecture blends perfectly with any environment. Overall, the mirrors that combine the vintage trend with the industrial mood are real art objects. They recall in every single detail those that were used in the houses of the past centuries, by virtue of the wooden frames and the antique look. With such a product it is easy to make any room more welcoming, rustic and at the same time refined.

Where to use an industrial-vintage mirror?

One of the advantages of industrial-vintage mirrors is the possibility of using them in all rooms and rooms of a house. One of the first destinations that comes to mind is the bathroom. The latter, if in a retro style, gains a huge touch of class with a complement of this type: even better if the furniture and shelves are made of wood, in pendant with the frame. Such mirrors are great for the bedroom, where they will help you prepare for your daily tasks every day and enhance the decor with their unique design. Without forgetting the living room, which in many cases is becoming an authentic area aimed at relaxation. In fact, you can place your industrial-vintage mirror wherever you want. The key word is versatility: a concept that clearly goes hand in hand with comfort.